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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

My Grey Fox

Sergio this one is for you.

Here is a post I started and never finished, but it's my Grey's birth story so how can I not? Maybe eventually I'll learn how to balance life in a decent way and post again or ever so often since this is the one place I write about my kids and life.

Twelve weeks today. I still can't believe I've had my little Grey Fox with me for 12 weeks. I don't even know how the time has come and gone so fast. Having kids is so weird. The love you have for them is so unexplainable. It's something so new yet so familiar. I was so fearful of how it would be having two little boys to love. Already having one that I love SO much, not imagining I could give just as much to another......but I can, and I do. Oh how I love this kid. He is such a happy and good boy. And I mean SO SO good. And happy my little buddy is so happy. His little smiles are the best thing to wake up to.

Greyson Henri was born August 2nd at 8:45 PM. Remember I mentioned how good my little guy is. Well his arrival was just as good. David's was just as special, but a little rougher.....

He came five days early. My mom was arriving that morning and we were getting ready to go pick her up. I was getting David ready when I noticed he was about to do his business, my little guy at the time still in diapers was not a fan of going and he tended to hold it in. So sometimes I would assist him by putting him in a squat. Anyway I did so and then I felt a little gush. My water broke. It was an unfamiliar feeling since my water never broke before going into the hospital last time so I went to the bathroom and confirmed that indeed it was that. I realized it was go time. I quickly called my wonderful aunt, uncle and cousin to help us out. My cousin came to watch David, while my aunt and uncle went to the airport to get my mom. My mom's flight was only an hour and if you know her you know she tends to freak out. I knew that the likelihood of her not making it was slim so I wasn't worried about that, BUT I knew that once she heard the news she would want to SPEED on over to where we were. I called her as soon as her flight landed. All I heard over the phone was a loud (excited) scream.


That was all I wrote back in 2015 Greyson almost 3 now and I'll continue to the best of my knowledge. First can I refer to the title of this unpublished draft?  My Grey Fox? well that's another story to tell later.... but weird/cool/ foreshadowing?!?

back to the story.

My mom had just landed and I remember hearing her scream and telling some randos that I was going into labor. I don't think those random people were understanding/ as invested in her excitement but she was telling them anyway. This was over two years ago so details are a little grey (no pun intended ;) My mom arrived to the hospital right before they put me into a delivery room and she was antsy with excitement, as were we. Once in the room things weren't really going anywhere. My water had broke but was not contracting. They said after a certain amount of hours they would have to start the contractions. Once that got going I remember things were starting to get real and as things went with David knowing my body I decided to get the epidural. Once that went I remember the nurse telling me that she thought most likely in about 3 hours he'd be coming. I was only at a 4.5 and with not much progress before that was here assumption, she called my doctor and so she would be planning on coming by then. One thing i remember is that I could still feel half the pain. My epidural was only working on one side and so I could still feel contractions but it helped relieve me from pain so I wasn't complaining too much. That ended up being a good thing. Not 40 mins went by and I started to feel pressure. I buzzed the nurse and she came running. "What do you mean pressure?" She checked and it was obvious Grey would be coming sooner than she had thought. Quickly called my doctor and she suggested I do practice pushes with her. My first practice push she started to yell  "stop stop stop" I obviously did not need practice I guess. I swear my doctor ran in, apparently we had interrupted dinner but she was there and no kidding two and a half pushes my little Grey was out! He was the most hairy little thing I had ever seen and I was instantly in love with my little monkey.

Photos of my grey in his first few months