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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Brussels and a Castle

Brussels is only a two and a half hour drive so you know we weren't going to miss out on the opportunity to go and indulge in ......chocolate.  That was honestly my only thought when I first heard we were so close "oooooooooo CHOCOLATE". David's friends had already gone and told us "there wasn't too much to see or do". You could imagine that was a bit disappointing to hear, but still that did NOT stop us. Once again we were pleasantly surprised and truly enjoyed our day spent in Belgium. Brussels has both new and old. Two completely different areas. Modern architecture where it seems to be where a lot of business happens, and then you get to the heart of the city where you can see all the history. Also ALL the chocolate you can imagine is here. EVERY store seems to be a chocolate store. I however had no complaints about that. Also, waffles, of course we had to have those!!! We had ours with strawberries and dark chocolate drizzle.....and it wasn't syrup, it was REAL chocolate and not just real chocolate really good chocolate. Apparently another thing big here are the fries, they put mayonnaise  instead of ketchup, and before you say "ewwwwwwww" mayonnaise is way different here and I promise it's actually REALLY good with fries, in Utah you have fry sauce which is pretty much ketchup and mayonnaise so, you get it, it's good. One thing that is big there are comic strips, some of the more famous comic strips that started here are Tin Tin and and  The Smurfs. We went to the comic strip museum and had some fun their learning about the history and played around with some displays they had there. For the most part we just walked around, looked at all the shops, ate, and enjoyed the beautiful city Brussels is. 

We stayed downtown for most of the day and then decided to drive about an hour away or so from Brussels, to a castle. It was SO weird to be in a castle, I LOVED it but to see all the furniture, paintings and old stuff made me feel weird....Am I the only one that feels like this about antiques???? But really WOW I don't understand how someone can live in such huge house and the grounds of this place were enormous. While we were there there was a flower exhibit, so in case you're all like "what's up with the flowers" now you know. As pretty as they were, I thought they messed up the vibe a bit. I wanted to see things exactly as they were and the flowers were a bit distracting, but again such a beautiful place!


I fell in LOVE with that door, I want one just like that for my front door one day...also some funny graffiti that made me miss a good show.

Being so "well" behaved running up and down.....is that my child? oooooopps....

replicas of the smurf house and piano

This is where all the fun and YUMMY shops began

Leonida is everywhere, but these chocolates are SOOOO good

Smurfs!!!! Fries and mayo, YUM!

A piece of heaven

I was so excited to get one of these hot chocolates, I was ready to order the dark chocolate and when I went to order their machine wasn't working. I was so sad.

Little peeing statue. The biggest crowd for this thing. They change his clothes around.

We bought some chocolate strawberries and Baby D as always enjoys what we enjoy, here someone asked if they could get a picture of him eating his strawberry.

We stopped to rest at a beautiful garden and sat to enjoy some of our chocolates. Can you guess who's are who's???????..............Dark chocolate all the way!!!!
Trading chocolates, that way we get to try them all
never eats less than a cheek full
This is the face of him being transported to chocolate paradise

GPS on all these new apps we have BARELY discovered are the BEST
Playgrounds are a must now that my baby is older, but as you can tell on the picture below he was a bit too tired to really play
Here are the pictures of the castle, everything was so green and beautiful

Just a little back yard view

David's dream library

The only table I think is appropriate in size for my family gatherings

the grounds are so big they have a little tractor ride around them to see them all

It's not everyday you get to play in the front yard of a castle. I really hope he remembers some of these adventures!!!! They won't be the same without him. We are a lucky to be this kids parents. And I'm lucky to be married to my Budu.

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