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Sunday, October 11, 2015


It's been a little too long right? Well decided now is a good time to come back. After all it's been almost a year since I last posted. A long and eventful summer has ended, what better time to come back to this little space of mine. You'll probably notice a few changes on the blog as well as our little family. We have a new Budu, my little Greyson joined the clan in August. Oh how we love him. Oh and in case you are all asking what the heck a Budu is, it's nothing. It's a random word our nephew came up with, we thought it was funny and started to call and refer to each other  as that, a Budu. Go figure..... Any who I just wanted to say hi again and remind you guys I have not forgotten about this little space of mine, I have simply neglected it. Sorta how I feel my poor little Greyson is.( I promise he is not literally neglected. ) He's just such an amazing baby. So much has been going around here and he doesn't cry, he's not needy. I have to remind myself he's there...wow I sound like a horrible mother, right? But you know what I mean..I hope...ANYWAY , what I mean is I feel he deserves all his mama's love and time  and lately too much has been going on for that to happen. Meanwhile I get all my  posts together to catch you up, here is a  picture of my little Grey Fox.

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