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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Life lately

 We have been having lots of fun with cousins, gardening with grandpa, lunching and shopping with grandma (shhhhhh don't tell David) Here is just a little bit of what we have been up to.

I've been getting a dose of what "settled" life will be like. Playdates, Costco shopping, birthday parties, and FAMILY. It's been nice, but I miss the Nomad life, my husband, and so many other little things. I guess I should start getting use to this, we only have a year left of our abroad adventures.

Going to our local library here with Aunt Michelle and cousin Kami

David loves giving kisses to his cousin Diego and giving him hugs. He is surprisingly super careful and gentle around him. I just love seeing him like that. 
We also got to have a fun playdate with more cousins and David got to jump on a trampoline for the first time. I had never heard so much joy in his laugh. He was in complete heaven!

By their house we had some fun petting a few pets. Feeding them grass, bread and tortillas.

Enjoying some chocolate crosiant with grandma and Uncle Brandon trying to make bubbles

David LOVES the park. We go there quite a few times a week

Already having lightsaber fights

Something that has been a big project at my parents house. The garden is FINALLY getting done. David has absolutely loved being outside all day with his grandpa and helping him plant some veggies and fruits

We went up to Bridal Veil falls here in the Provo Canyon and had some fun and yummy food

David had lots of fun feeding the fish in the river and "skipping rocks" with his grandpa and uncles

Overall though I miss my husband like CRAZY, we have been loving having so much family here. I get to enjoy a few more weeks with them!  I still will be missing all that traveling, but having some normalcy-ish has made me happy.These are the little types of adventures I think are the things I can look forward to soon!
I wonder what other little things I can do with the buddy while I'm here. All those mommas out there give me some ideas please! Or anybody that knows some fun things to do. All advice or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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