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Sunday, July 27, 2014


Once again, I've gotten in a funk. I don't know if it's that I'm away from David that I become less of a functional person, or it's that I get a little too comfortable/lazy being with my family that I don't really think to post much. These last two weeks or so we've been back from Mexico we've had a few adventures with the family here. We've gone to a few events and parties. This last week we went down to California for some good old fashion family bonding. It had been FOREVER since we took a family vacation. So four "kids" one baby and two adults........Cause when we are all together, we really are still 13 year old kids. So as most family vacations I assume, are filled with fun , bickering here and there and things going not exactly how one planned.  Unless you have the PERFECT family of course then you have NO idea what I'm talking about right?  We made three stops on our trip. Las Vegas (shopping), San Diego (surfing), and of course Los Angeles (eating). Vegas greeted us with its dry dry blazing heat but it didn't stop us from shopping at their outlets. We got a TON of great deals, So worth the stop. The next day we headed to  San Diego where we had scheduled some surfing lessons for two days. The first night there we spent enjoying the hotel pool and fitness room. The baby LOVED swimming with his uncles. The weather there was perfect, unfortunately when we were all excited and ready to go surf, our instructor was instructed that the water was tested and it was not safe to swim or go in. It had rained a little bit and San Diego is by a city in Mexico that is responsible for some of the gunk that got in the water. All dressed up in our wet suits and with the boards in hand we were forced to go back.  We were told that maybe by the morning we would get the ok. We called the next day and were told that it was still not safe. So no surfing for us. We were way bummed out and drove up to L.A before heading back up to Utah. While in L.A we did some of our favorite things, eat, go to the beach and shop in the alleys downtown. We were there for a day so we did as much as we could. My older brother Amir and I even got to go to a concert Saturday night with our Aunt and Uncle, so a very fun and exciting filled day for me. Sunday we headed back up. We stopped by in St George to rest for the night because we were all pretty beat. My brothers however were anxious to get back to their girlfriends so they headed straight back home.

We met a very nice pirate in San Diego
The roof was green so the lighting is a bit weird, but the food was SOOOOO yummy, this kid loved the fresh Krab macaroni 
This street performer was pretty good, but baby D. was a bit freaked out that the statue man started to come toward him. 
We all got to ride on the carousel....Haffid was behind me 
It was a bit too rough for Brandon
This is what you see 
But this is really how things are
Baby D was just too thirsty to pose for this pic

SUNBURN on this little guy
Here is what brings a true smile to my face, tacos, and Mexican corn. I'm that easy
Here he is wearing his uncle's hat the night before
Here he is picking out his hat

This little kid is our sales rep, he is SOOOOO cute and such a good seller

Since we were unable to get into the water in San Diego, we decided we NEEDED to go. We headed over to Santa Monica. We were greeted with grey skys.....and then about 20 minutes later it started to rain.......We didn't have the best luck this trip

CONCERT, We were all the way in the top but still got to enjoy the atmosphere, awesome music and great company

Right before we left my brother Brandon insisted he couldn't leave without going to Fosselmans, our favorite ice cream shop growing up. Ice cream for breakfast????? Why not?
I got my favorite, pistachio, but as you can see I wasn't the only one that got to enjoy it...

Once in Susan's house he got to play with his cousin Levi. He was in HEAVEN, Toy Heaven
His favorite was the Elmo "smartphone" and he would relax on the slide....oh what a life
He does not share very much, but obviously Levi is the exception

Though not everthing came out EXACTLY like we had planned, I enjoyed the time I got to spend with my brothers and my parents.

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