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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Happy BirthWeek

LONG over due post as always and guess what...???? My beautiful baby boy turned 2 last Tuesday! I still can't believe I get to be his mama. I'm one lucky lucky mama. We celebrated the entire week. First my mom came to visit last Sunday, then my dad arrived on Wednesday. My brother and his girlfriend Mimi came Thursday and we did a bunch with them. We took advantage of every moment. With grandma and grandpa here you could imagine that on top of the regular spoils he gets from them, it was even MORE intense with it being his birthday. We did so much.
Here is what we did on this very eventful week

We started the week with our favorite lunch, then the day of David's birthday we took him to the mall to play and later went to Chuck e Cheese. That boy was in heaven. I LOVED LOVED LOVED the moment he "met " ChuckE. He was in awe and just planted his little feet next to him took his picture, and then ChuckE put his hand on him and he was like "Whoa". One of my favorite things of being a mom is seeing the PURE joy they get with little things like this. Oh gosh, we had so much fun we had some family come and celebrate with us that day so it was a really good day spent with my kiddo.  

Wednesday my dad arrived, and I think I've mentioned it before, this kid LOVES LOVES LOVES his grandpa. Again, PURE joy when he saw him at the airport. We welcomed him by taking him to one of our favorite taco trucks we use to go to when we lived here.

Thursday we spent our afternoon visiting David at work. The Nestle offices have quite a set up in their little store. We always get a bit carried away while we're there and buy a lot more than what we need.

Someone had too much fun pushing the little cart around and helping check-out

Friday since everyone had already arrived we went to DISNEYLAND! It was quite an experience seeing my baby in such a magical place. Again, PURE JOY. He doesn't get excited like I think one would expect. He just takes it all in. He just sits and takes it all in, sometimes he smirks, but mostly he just stares and takes it all in. When he does get SUPER excited he starts saying hi to things, "Hi Mickey, hi Mickey, hi Mickey" I love it. The rides were a big hit with him. He did get really excited in line, almost telling people to move so he could just get on, but once he was on, again, just sat there with his little serious "take it all in" face.

This picture made me so happy, he's always so silly making the craziest faces

So much fun in Fantasyland

This is what I was talking about.....

Mimi & Amir
Mom& Dad
Tomorrow land fun while the baby naps

The ONE thing I regret

Again, taking it all in

Saturday we spent most of the day in Santa Monica. We went to the beach, and then walked down Third Street Promenade at night. David was NOT liking the sand at all when we got there, BUT after a little time and realizing that it seemed everyone else was having fun except for him sitting on the towel, he decided to take the risk......I think he figured out it was worth it. 

One of the best weeks of my life so far, and I think it's safe to say that for this kid's too. I don't know how we can make each birthday as special as this one. 

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  1. Aw, it's so adorable to see him so happy from Chuck E!!! What a cutie :)

    Every Day In Grace