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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Now or Never

With all the holiday chaos and life in general, I've decided that if I don't post now, it will be a few weeks if not ever when I post. This will be a sorta catch up to what we've been up to since pretty much mid November. Life continues to be crazy, exciting, and unexpected as usual, so nothing much has changed with us. All I know is that these last three months or so feel like we are exactly where we need to be and time is flying by. We've continued to take advantage of this great city and the perks of living in LA? One of many of course is that family comes to visit AND you get to go visit too. 
A few weeks before thanksgiving Chad (David's cousin) came into town for business. We  wanted to make his stay a bit fun in-between his busy and important job so we went to have Shabu Shabu again. He invited us to a Gamer event GM threw and had some of the best tacos in LA. He left in the middle of the week and for that weekend we had some family fun walking around the mall, and going to the Natural History Museum, oh yea we also saw Adam Sandler......so yea fun week when Chad was here.

yes he is!

So the event was for local gamers to get the opportunity to go to the press showing of a new car that would be featured in  the Grand Turismo video game. At first I didn't think that I would find that much entertainment watching these guys play, but it was surprisingly fun and turned into a great night out in Hollywood.

Here is Chad with the creator of the game

Top 3 scores got to win,  David had his turn......Not very successful

This older gentleman, was a serious competitor, and was a good player

The winners with the people from Sony and Chad

With my two boyfriends, Jimmy Kimmel (sorta) and my real boyfriend

The next day we went to one of the best taco trucks in LA, seriously so so so good

This kid loves his tacos AND his radishes with lemon and salt

These boys don't mess around with preparing their tacos
This kid also knows the protocol 

After tacos we got some dessert downtown

Friday night was lots of fun. Spent the first part of the night with my boys at the mall and got to see all the Christmas decorations and go to dinner. Later that night I got to go out with some friends and watched Mockingjay part 1. It was SO good

Someone found a cutie

That same weekend we did some Christmas decorating around our fake fireplace

The day before we left to Utah we  went to Disneyland's California Adventure and Disneyland. It was so fun for it to be the three of us, and this kid LOVES his Cars and LOVED Radiator Springs. He was in heaven.

This Toystory ride was our FAVORITE! My boys beat me and even got the high score of the day.

I love seeing the awe on his face and the "I can't believe it" giddiness and excitement he has when he meets the characters

We headed over to Disneyland for a few rides and fireworks!

So we spent Thanksgiving in Utah and I took about zero photos.....well not really but NONE on thanksgiving and just these...... I was too busy enjoying my family I guess

This is my family....Haffid is missing and my parents were taking it, but here is proof that Haffid is in the Family, though I think for the most part he tries to deny it, he is.

We came back Monday morning and had a Clippers game to go to. David got the tickets from work so we got some nice seats. Baby D Loved cheering on the team and ended up getting into the game. It's crazy to me how he can understand things so quickly. When they missed "OH NO" with disappointment in his little voice.

It's been rainy so that means a lot of indoor time and soup. That is boring, this kid has given himself a black eye and a few bruises on his legs and head.......I love the rain and am thankful it's finally here but we need to find a good indoor alternative for this energetic boy of mine.

Eating out and shopping have also been our activities

I'm not ashamed to admit that when he naps, I nap. It's the best.

"moodee" is what he loves for breakfast, also look at that little mark...I promise all because he loves to run into EVERYTHING
So there you go. Lots of rain, but still lots of fun these last few weeks. Hope everyone is ready for the Holidays. I know I am!......Can't wait for some more fun family time and anything else that the next year has in store for all of us!

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