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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Big 3

My baby is 3! I still can't believe three years have gone by already with my little buddy, and I can't believe how big he is getting. This kid has had 3 years filled with lots of adventures and travels. I wanted to make this birthday extra special for him with all the changes that have been going on around him. We spent most of the week celebrating this kid's birthday. My mom and little brother drove down from Utah so they could be with us on his birthday and then my dad flew in for the party.... This kid sure is loved. We went to Disneyland one last time before our passes expired. As you may already know, this kid is OBSESSED with Star Wars so this birthday was all about Star Wars.  He seems to be a  fan of the "dark side". He got a stormtrooper mask and he LOVED it. He took it to Disneyland and wore it during the Jedi training show they have. He was so excited and got to "pound it" with the Stormtroopers that came out. That was the highlight for him. Now at home he comes up to me and says "pound it, como stormtrooper." He also got to build his lightsaber with his Uncle Haffid. We seemed to have picked the perfect day to go to Disneyland because on average we were in line for about 10-15 minutes, and the most we were in line for was probably 45 mins (that is NOT bad for Disneyland). We got to get on most of the rides, go see David's favorite characters and that was with leaving before they kicked us out before the Halloween party they do. We got home right before bedtime and cut the cake for my buddy to blow out his candles. 
First "rollercoaster" with Tio Haffid! He did so good and loved the speed
Haffid and I took advantage of nap time and rode a few rides while my mama looked after the kiddos. The only one I regretted was Splash Mountain, I got DRENCHED. Oh well.
Hopefully next time we come back he can ride the Star Wars ride. Just a few more inches kid!
A day filled with fun and lots of love for David, Greyson was SO over it.

We threw David his birthday party on Saturday at one of our favorite parks. I had my beautiful mama help me SO much (as always). Things turned out great. More importantly, my buddy was so excited when he got there and seemed to have fun with his friends the entire time. As he was going to bed he kept talking about his friends, his new toys, and his happy birthday. That day it was SO hot, but we survived. I got home that night and realized I took almost NO pictures. I wanted to cry. I started texting and asking everyone if they took pictures. Turns out my dad took a few and so here they are!

Here, you see how beautiful my "happy birthday" sign looks....Well I went home and came back to it looking NOTHING like this...but we fixed it and things still looked good before the guest arrived.
So happy with his table. So glad he got Vader and mr. Stormtrooper from grandma and grandpa. Worked out great for the decor.  
We had a very punny party. As you can tell with all the signs I had. We also had "princess lays" and "bow-ba-fett pasta". None original ideas, oh how I love Pinterest.

We made lightsabers out of pool noodles. I think the kids could agree that was the best part of the party. They got to whack each other without injury and even the parents got into it. 
My homemade piƱata looked great, BUT it seems that we got a little carried away with making it a little too strong. Two of the sticks that were used to hit it broke and we ended up with an umbrella but over all the hook from inside broke and we ended up dumping all the candy out. Next time, less paper mache .
My beautiful mama, I couldn't have done anything without her. She is amazing.
I ended up buying a cake since I ruined my recipe, but it was SO delicious, I was sorta glad I did.

Over all with bad HOT weather, a ruined cake, melted cupcakes, deflated balloons with a crazy "happy     birthday" sign and no pictures in my camera, things still turned out great.... my dad saved the day by taking pictures and more importantly we got to celebrate my kiddo with friends and family that love him.


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  1. I love it! How fun. I love your beautiful family! Well done, mama.