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Thursday, September 20, 2012

HELLO Hello hello

Well, finally I am starting a blog! After a LONG time of over thinking and putting it off I’m here.  Hopefully I don't go into labor before I figure this all out. David and I are anxiously waiting for the arrival of our Baby David. David is convinced he will be here tomorrow and as much as I would love that my mom doesn’t get here until Saturday, so hopefully he waits for her. I hope that I will be able to keep up with this blog. This way I can post pictures and let people know about our little adventures we go about in life. As of now we are lucky enough to be living in an awesome city that is right outside CHICAGO, a city we have come to LOVE! Last year we lived in Jonesboro Arkansas, it was very different than what David and I were used to, but it was a great experience and met a lot of great people. Now we get to enjoy the perks of living near a big city and we honestly love it. Besides the fact that we have awesome places to go explore, we also have family members that actually want to come visit. So that’s one more perk. In the nine months that we’ve been here we’ve had a blast! Concerts, events, tourist attractions, and amazing food! Being away from family and friends is never easy, but it was the best thing for us. We have grown closer together, and have learned to rely on each other. I am truly a lucky lucky girl. I can’t wait to have our baby here with us. He will only make this adventure more interesting and fun. You got to love LIFE!

                                                       Enjoying a concert in Grant Park

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