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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Waiting for Baby David....

We are still waiting for this baby boy to arrive! Fortunately my mama got here already so he can come WHENEVER he wants...hopefully it's soon. I'm super impatient so that plus excitement equals one high strung me. My mom as always brought goodies and are happily received by David and I. Candy, cheese from Mexico, steaks, and cochinita, she does not pack light.  She spoils us too much. Also my Tia Gaby sent me a dozen of my FAVORITE doughnuts of which I've scarfed down like half in two days.  (it's for the baby too, right?) So now I've got my husband, my mom, my doughnuts, and all I need is MY BABY! My mom has made sure that I’m constantly walking and moving around.  We did a ton yesterday and this morning my body was super sore, but it’s good exercise and will help me be stronger for the delivery.  Until my baby boy comes I’ll just continue to enjoy the goodies and the great company.

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