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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Labor of Love

I wrote this forever ago and never posted it......

OUR BEAUTIFUL BABY IS HERE!!!!!! We are SO happy and over joyed with finally having our baby with us. David Liam Garcia was born Sunday October 7, 2012 at 7:57pm. It was not an easy labor, but having him with us makes every moment worth it.

On Friday night David, my mom, and I went to watch Taken 2, after we decided to go get some pie. At the restaurant I started to feel contractions. I had had them through out the week sporadically. These felt more intense so I knew labor was starting. That night I couldn't sleep because of the pain. In the morning we put on General Conference.During the morning session  I was still feeling good and was able to watch it with no problem, but by the second session towards the end of the two hours I was feeling them stronger and they were closer together. Finally at 6 pm we headed to the hospital because they were between 7-10 mins apart, and I was starting to really feel the pain! At the hospital they checked me, called my doctor, took an ultra sound to check the baby's size. They then told me I was not ready and to go home. I was so disappointed! I was in pain and I just wanted to have my baby already! Plus I was tired, having not really slept the night before the doctor gave me a gave me a prescription for ambien. They said it would just help me sleep but that the pain would still be there, it would just help knock me out I guess. Unfortunately they let me go home until 10pm and all the pharmacy s were closed. I was in so much pain (which was just the beginning of the REAL pain I soon found out) and I was getting more and more frustrated. More so after not being able to get my sleeping aid. We went home and my mom and David went to sleep. I tried but it was too much pain, I could not lay down or sit up so I went into the kitchen and walked in circles. Breathing in and out and trying to focus on relaxing. Around 2 am I decided to take a shower, got out and continued to walk around the kitchen. Finally by 5 am I woke up David and my mom because my contractions were between 3 and 5 minutes apart. They rushed got in the shower and we headed back to the hospital (I've never seen people wake up so fast in my life). I was thrilled when they told me I was far along to be admitted into the hospital. I was in so much pain though.My mom and David did the best they could to help me. My mom rubbed my back to relieve the pain, soon not even that helped, every noise every touch was pain and it escalated my frustration.  My birthing plan was to do it completely natural, so NO DRUGS....boy did that change after 8 hours of EXTREMELY unbearable pain  (I honestly can't begin to describe it), no progress (not dilating)  the nurse came into my room to tell me why this probably was happening. She said that my body was in too much pain and tension and with out a way to help relax it would not progress My mom pleaded to me to get it and I remember shouting a assertive "NO!" cause of my frustration. Later she told me she went into the hall to cry because she hated seeing me in pain and also while she rubbed my back in the beginning and felt me shake she just quietly sobbed, I didn't even notice. You should know that my contractions were irregular, they were less than 2 mins apart at this point and the pain would would make my entire body shake, so it didn't look so pretty.I wanted to tough it out but I also knew that too much strain on my body could also harm the baby. Finally after praying and  pondering what to do about 30 minutes later I pushed the magic button to tell the nurse, "Yes?" she asked through the phone system they have" What is it?" at that very moment I got a contraction which meant I couldn't talk, yell, cry, or do anything it was like getting the wind kick out I guess, while shaking and feeling that your lower back was about the crack open and something was going to come out of you (my best explanation . So I obviously could not respond "what is it?!" she said again I mumble "epe--epe" and my mom yells "SHE WANTS THE EPIDURAL" haha looking back at it now I find it really funny. Anyway, it only took about 20 minutes for the anesthesiologist to get there but since I knew there would be pain relief it seriously felt like the longest 20 minutes of my life. Finally he got there and this is probably my pain talking but I seriously swear the guy asked me a million questions, and was talking to the nurse, I mean I was sitting up getting contraction after contraction shaking like crazy, I felt like this dude was taking his sweet time. FINALLY he says hold still, I couldn't control my body so David and the nurse had to  hold me down and as still as they could get me. It took a while to feel it kick in but when it did I was in heaven, and I could finally sleep! I woke up to the nurse 2 hours later, she checked me and said I was ready. (My contractions were less than 30 seconds apart so I was very happy with my decision to get the epidural)  I was so excited. I was rested and was so excited to finally meet my baby! After almost 2 hours of pushing I finally did.

Baby David took in some liquid and was taken to the NICU to be under observation. After they got his breathing in check they let us know he also had Jaundice. Four days later he finally came home!

My beautiful and wonderful mother was with us before, during and after. We could not have done this without her. She is an amazing mother and I would be lucky to be half the mother that she is. She is not only a great mother but a GREAT grandmother! Thank you Mami!

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