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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Aunt Stefi, First hair cut and a Splendid Saturday

This week was very fun and eventful to say the least. We had Estefania, one of my favorite people in this world come visit us. She is one of the many many cousins I have.

Growing up we played Nintendo 64, Mario Party like crazy, Cast Away was one of the mini games we were sort of obsessed with. Stefi had the record of getting 61 coins and I said had because after all these years I was finally able to break her record and now hold it with 75! haha...nothing lamer than me being so proud of that, but hey, it's a big deal for us.

                                                                  Victory is ours!
                                                                    Matching and cuddling

Reading books

Aunt Stefi is the best. She has magical arms. Not only did David love playing and reading books with her. He fell asleep in her arms like nothing, and loved to cuddle with her. I don't know how she does it. But I wish she could stay here forever! We miss her tons and can't wait for her to come back to visit.

 Along with having Stefi here we also gave Baby David a little make over. He has been losing most of his hair and had patches of  long and short hairs, so we decided to just give him his first hair cut. He looks cuter than ever.  
                                                    The after picture! My handsome boy.

We don't always have the opportunity to have a Saturday with David because he works so darn much, and so when he does have it off we take FULL advantage of it, and now that the weather is clearing up and me not being pregnant, we finally get to explore a little more of this wonderful city we love so much. We LOVE Chicago! We had never really gone north of the Loop so we decided to go to the Lincoln Park Zoo,( which is free so it's extra awesome) and just walk around Lincoln Park. With my luck, we got to the zoo and I had no battery in my camera. My phone barley has any memory left because of all the pictures I take of my baby boy so I just got a few.

I don't know if you can tell, but to the right there is a baby gorilla. SO cute!

Even monkeys have cliques 

SO Beautiful I think the tiger was my favorite

Lion was SUPER cute, he was all sleepy and chillin

 After the Zoo we headed to Adobo for dinner. It's a Mexican Restaurant in the Lincoln Park close to Old Town.


                                                                His face kills me here

                   Salmon, tuna, and shirmp ceviche is what I had and it was delicious and refreshing.
David had the Poc Chuc, it was also quite delicious, the meat's marinade was tangy, and those beans were SO delicious. I didn't get a chance to take a picture of the dessert we had because we scarfed it down before I realized, but it was a cajeta and plantain pumpkin seed crepe with a scoop of their homemade coconut ice cream. I was not a fan of the crepe because I felt the plantains were to thick, but the ice cream was to die for. 

Before dinner we bought some macarons in a small pastries shop. We couldn't decide what flavors to buy so we bought two of each. You can kind of say we have an obsession with them. These weren't as light and airy as the ones we have had from Sugar Fixe. Out of the six flavors we thought three were good. But next time we go we will need to try their cookies, that is what they are known for. 



  1. Looks like you had fun at the zoo! You have such a cute family!! I need to meet this little guy!