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Saturday, March 23, 2013

California Dreaming

Last week I went to my beautiful city of Los Angeles. It had been almost three years since I had been there for my cousin Susan's wedding. This time it was for my cousin Rina's wedding. Of course my poor hubby couldn't come, but my buddy AND I headed over for the celebration. We were so happy to leave the cold and go to the nice sunny weather.

It was the first time my Baby David was in warm weather, and of course we needed to go swimming with him for the FIRST time. My mom of course had everything ready for the event, and of course he looked as cute as ever. It was warm but a little windy, so my baby boy didn't swim for very long and hung out with his grandma instead. Also being in the sun, and flying really pooped him out.

Right after are afternoon swim and nap we headed over to Rina's Bridal Shower. It was filled with yummy food and games of course.

It is not a bridal shower if you don't make a wedding dress out of paper.

Baby David was the ONLY boy there, and of course he did not mind at ALL, he had plenty of fun.

Between the wedding errands and lounging around at the hotel we were able to go to some of our favorite places, eat lots of yummy yummy food, and Baby David enjoyed spending some quality time with his grandparents and uncles.

Doing a little shopping and eating Downtown

Fosselman's ice cream...simply the best


Haffid had too much fun....with his apple juice of course.

Baby david LOVES his uncles SO much and he got to meet his uncle Morgan, so exciting!

My parents started a candy business when I was 6, and I started working at the young age. Crazy right? What the heck can a 6 year old do? Give samples, (hated it) but anyway the reason I am saying this is that while we were in Cali we visited one of the farmer's markets we use to work at also where we had our first retail store in the lovely city of Monrovia. It was crazy to see how it all changed, and it was weird to be there without shouting "sweet toasted pecans! no butter or oil".

This use to be our store, you can still see the SW (Sir Walter Candy)

We sure enjoyed ourselves and for the first time went to a farmer's market as a family without working it. The food there was AWESOME.....I sure miss it!

.....So I went for a wedding right? Well that post will follow this one...too many pictures to go through!

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