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Monday, March 25, 2013

MR & MRS Rhoten

Like I mentioned before, I went to California last week for my cousin Rina's wedding. It was BEAUTIFUL and so was she of course. I have never seen a couple more in love. They literally only have eyes for each other. Seriously they would NOT stop looking at each other. They are SO cute, and I could not be happier for them. I know Rob is a great guy, and he is so very lucky to have my sweet and beautiful Wina as his beautiful wife. Every time I attend a wedding it of course makes me think of my own wedding, and my marriage. I'm a pretty lucky gal with my hubby.I haven't been married for very long but these are ten things I've learned throughout my marriage and still try to put into practice myself.


1. There will be disagreements and arguments  learn to say "I'm Sorry", and (this is a hard one) "I was wrong." Sometimes we realize we were wrong but are too prideful to admit it. Do it, it WILL make a difference.

2. Be each others spouses not parents. This is something that I think we don't mean to do but it happens where we tell each other how to do things, what to do,what to eat, wear, etc. It's pretty much nagging... Let each other be their own person and work together towards your goals.

3. Date Night as often as you can. One of my favorites, take turns to PLAN the date and not just go out and say "so what do you wanna do," trust me there is a difference.

4. Keep your spouse interested. Look nice, get ready, don't look like a hot mess..... you will have your days, TRUST me, just keep it to a minimum.

5. Pray together! It is so important to kneel down together at the beginning and end of the each day to thank the Lord for what you have...each other.

6. Make goals and put it on paper. Sit down every so often and put long and short term goals down. It's a nice to see them... or at least I think it's nice. A little reminder you know.

7. Sharing is caring. Responsibilities, thoughts, emotions, etc. Don't let everything fall on one person.

8. COMMUNICATE, share how you feel.... don't keep it in. When you get married you don't all of a sudden have the ability to read minds, so just talk talk talk.

9. The words "I Love You" never get too old. Say it, mean it.

10. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, self explanatory...just remember it's important.

Rob and Rina,

May your love continue to grow for each other. I love to see how IN LOVE you two are.I know you will make each other SO happy. Love you guys! I know you will have a happy happy marriage the love you guys have for each other is SO beautiful.

The Beautiful Couple


Messing with the Groom

My beautiful Family (missing my hubby )

One of my handsome brothers with my Boy

My Beautiful Mother

More good looking fellows with my Baby

My Date

Nolan wanted to hold Baby David, but first he had to pass the weight test....Baby David's uncle could handle the load. 
My gorgeous best friend. Miss her like crazy!

I had SO much fun at Rina and Rob's wedding. Danced of course, they had delicious food, and just seeing my family together again was the best thing.

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