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Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter in OOOOOhio

Happy belated Easter everyone! We of course took advantage of the holiday to drive up to Ohio to visit our family. We as always had a TON of fun, so much that I really didn't take as many pictures as I would have liked, especially because we found out that we will most likely be moving at the end of June/ beginning of July so this was probably the last trip we would be making to Ohio for AWHILE. Where, is still up in the air but we will know in a few weeks or maybe even a few days. Anyway here are some of the pictures I DID get to take.

First off I need to brag about this kid (cause I don't do it enough, right?) For this five hour drive he did not cry once. He slept about three hours, and was playing and reading books for the rest of the drive. I could not love him more.

Baby David watching Pink Panther with his cousins. I just thought they looked SOOOO cute.

He doesn't have many toys at home so he was very excited when he got on this little horsey.

I wish i could have taken a better picture but I just LOVED it even if it did come out blurry.

All four kiddies

Uncle Chad and Aunt Stef bought Graeter's ice cream (so delicious) and this is how Clarky ended up.

Friday night, after the kid's went to bed and us ladies got back from shopping at the outlets we made some cheese and chocolate fondue. I wish I would have taken pictures of that, but anyway it was SO delicious, my mouth is seriously watering just thinking about it. Gosh. 
Saturday we did the egg hunt for the kids and had Easter dinner since we would all be heading back home Sunday morning. The kids did so good finding all the eggs, and we all helped with eating the candy.
We had our own little Easter bunny.

So excited!

I think we have a winner, he had so many he had to dump out his basket to get more.

Little Beauty

Intense looking.

The kids hid a special egg for Baby David, since he couldn't have candy they put in a toy he could play with. Here is Aunt Stef helping David open up his egg.

That didn't stop us for getting eggs with the candy inside for him too so we could enjoy them.

Uncle Chad came in handy when the kids couldn't reach the ones up top.

With our little bunny

We are so thankful to Adriana and Sergio for always welcoming us into their home. We always have the best time and the BEST food. We are going to miss having any excuse or holiday to drive up to Ohio and visit. We LOVE you guys!


  1. such a chubby cheek bunny. ahh! i love his little face.

    1. I of course agree..."chubby bunny!" hahaha...specially with those cheeks!