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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Here Comes the Sun

Oh gosh, my little Budu and I are enjoying this nice weather like no other. No more being cooped up in the apartment looking out the window wishing it was warm enough to go play outside. We have been going out all week long and WE love it. Unfortunately David had to work this weekend so this time the little one and I were on our own. But of course it wasn't all play, we took care of some business. We headed downtown earlier this week and FINALLY got all our paper work for our visas. It was so nice to get that out of the way. Now we just wait impatiently while we get a reply.....hopefully soon. And of course since we were already downtown we ...excuse me, I did some "light" shopping (My baby boy is not a fan of shopping, when we get in a store he seems to get antsy and impatient...hmmm I wonder which one of us  he got it from.). That is until David called me with the news that we were going to Brazil for our first assignment and I rushed home to go celebrate with him. We had some delicious dinner at a local restaurant , there our minds rushed with excitement thinking of all the things we were going to do, the places we were going to see , food we would get to eat,and just filled with fluster......Then reality sunk in and we realized how little time we had left here and all the things we still have to take care of. But aside from that great day!

The weekend came faster than I had anticipated and I found more excuses to go downtown, so I did. With my little partner in crime in place we hit the streets. We went to Do-Rite-Donuts first.These donuts are SO delicious. We came across them by accident the first time we went to the Swiss embassy. They were selling them in the lobby and we were starving so we each tried the bacon maple donut.  Oh my heavens, it was so good, "I just need to find this place", I thought, and try them all!  So I did, but I didn't try them all, they run out fast apparently, so I bought what was left. YUMMERS, every single flavor, YUM!

"Another store? Really?....Fine."

The rest of our time there we just walked around, ate some lunch, did some more damage to the bank, and just soaked up the city. I love this city. It has an energy I can't describe.  It's beautiful, the people here are so nice, and the food is amazing, it's (in my opinion) impossible not to fall in love with this place. I am going to miss it SO much. This place truly felt like home. We've had so many great things happen to us here, our first baby to name one. It hurts to even think of the day we'll have to go....but for now I'll try not to think about that and just take advantage of every moment we have left here.

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