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Sunday, April 21, 2013

OOps and Fondue

This weekend was great, lots of fun, it even  ended with a bang, literally...As always I am excited when my hubby doesn't have to work. We made plans to get some things out of the way to prepare for the move. The weather here has been horrible. Storms created flooding all throughout the roads making it nearly impossible to drive. So Friday we went to our favorite local sushi spot and enjoyed a quite dinner and headed back home to see a movie. We rented Les Miserables. The music was good, but honestly I could not wait the movie to end, and when I thought it would they just kept singing and it just kept going. Sorry for those who loved it. I do not mean to dis your beloved movie, maybe I just wasn't in the mood, maybe I should have read the book. That night I also gathered a bunch of my old clothes and accessories so that the next day we could go sell it. I'm a bit of a hoarder when it comes to my clothes. I had pieces that I've had since before high school, but it was time we parted. Saturday was a nice bright sunny day so we headed over to Schaumburg, a suburb that I LOVE. They have everything. A great mall, Ikea, Costco, Sweet Tomatoes (Souplantation), and where I could go sell my clothes. We went to lunch to Sweet Tomatoes (Souplantion) is a buffet of salads, soups, and breads, all made in house. I grew up going there TONS because my parents loved it and because my uncle worked there, so I of course request to go there any chance I get to. David on the other hand is not a fan at all and turns down my request almost as much as he can. Fortunately my hubby loves me very much and agreed to go. So I was happy. We later went sold my clothes, took some passport pictures we needed for our visas, did some shopping here and there, enjoyed some delicious frozen yogurt (another one of my popular request), and finally headed home. When we got home I raided David's closet and took out all the clothes he no longer wanted. Boy I thought I was the one with lots of clothes.....

So finally a Saturday that both was fun and productive.

Today we got home from church and decided to have fondue for dinner. The baby was asleep when we got home but as soon as we were going to start to prep everything he woke up. David and I were busy getting things ready so we brought his swing to the kitchen so we could have our hands free and we could have him there with us .David strapped him in and turned it on. Baby David loves his swing. He sits there and watches the little toys on there spin . He is a little explorer now though and he likes to sit up and move around once in a while. Also he reaches for EVERYTHING doesn't matter if it next to him, on the floor, a few feet away he reaches for it. As you can see from his pictures he's packing some weight.  He's out grown this swing, but he and we love it so much we still like to have him be on there. It's like a Lazy Boy for babies... OK  so  today he is on the swing and he reached for something on the chair next to him, and down he went, I heard a small thump, and we both leaped to get him. My heart dropped, my baby cried, and I started to shake. I felt like the worst mother in the world. His first fall !I thought I was going to die. Fortunately since he was half strapped to the swing it wasn't that bad because his whole weight didn't go down with him. But boy did we learn our lesson, not only to strap him in correctly, but to finally get rid of that swing.

I wanted so badly to blame David for not strapping him in but I do it too, it could have easily have happened when I had done it, but because his legs are so chubby one side is too tight and we haven't been able to adjust it we thought it was okay. Now we know. Thinking about it now makes my heart and head hurt all over again thinking of my little guy crying, but I guess it had to happen some time. Now we just know to be MORE careful and that these things happen but you have to prevent as much as you can.

The great thing about my little guy is that he's a tough guy, he just cried a little, we put some ice on his head and within 5 mins he was happy again, and so were we. We enjoyed our fondue and enjoyed the rest of our Sunday...with no more mishaps...for now.  (knocking on wood)

Excuse all the pics...all from phone

Making his happy face because he loves it!

My Crack

Oh yeah we saw this little beauty drive right by us.... David drooled a little.

My gordito, after the bang up, red mark on the left part of his forehead. 

It was delicious...I don't have fancy photo skills to make it look as good as it was.

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