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Monday, April 15, 2013

Back Burner

Getting ready for this big move seems to be on the back burner. I know it is going to happen, I know I need to get a lot done, but it seems I either refuse to believe it or am just refusing to do what I need to. So instead we just went about our weekend like we usually do,  filled with as much fun as we could fit into it. My Aunt Nubia and Uncle Valentin came to Chicago this weekend to celebrate their tenth anniversary! They arrived Wednesday night, and I had the opportunity to show them around downtown Thursday afternoon. We went to the Art Institute of Chicago Museum to see a special exhibit of Picasso. It was amazing to see his works. I couldn't believe that I was able to have in front of me so many of his drawings and paintings. One thing to check off my bucket list! Friday was a stressful morning getting paperwork done for the move, lets just say it was chaos but everything seems to be in order now. Later after everything got sorted out we went out for some dinner. We found this small restaurant, Simply Thailia, right by the tracks their sushi was delicious! Later we met up with my aunt and uncle so that the guys could go see a Black Hawks (hockey )game, and us girls did some shopping. We then met up again for some yummy dessert and hot chocolate at Ghirardelli Ice Cream and Chocolate Shop and then headed home. Next day we were exhausted but wanted to make sure we did something "productive" for the move so we did more shopping (unfortunately for my husband it is one of my FAVORITE things so I'm never too tired to shop). But this time it was for him (of course I didn't come out empty handed right?), he needed to get some new clothes and shoes for work so we headed over to the outlets and found some pretty great deals. 

P.s I am still quite horrible at taking my camera everywhere so here are some pictures thanks to my  phone
  The Cloud Gate...aka The Bean (it was a little smudgy) 

Weeping woman, one of my favorites.

Some of Picasso's ceramics, yes I took the picture mainly to get the old man taking the picture with his iphone so I did not get the whole display. 

Ok get ready I'm going to brag again about this kiddo. Throughout the 2 hours or so we were inside the exhibit this kid did not cry, he even made an older lady fall in love with him. He's the best.

A gift Picasso designed for the City of Chicago

 Waiting for dinner with these handsome fellows.

Boys outside the United Center with the one and only Mr. Michael Jordan

We loved having my aunt Nubia and Uncle Valentin here but as always we were sad to see family leave. Good thing they fell in love with this city as much as we did and are already planning to come back! 

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