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Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Finally I get to sit down and get to get a post up. My wonderful mommy is here so I have to Aprovectch the extra help and get  a lot done. A-pro-vetch....what does that mean? It is another made up word like Budu. It means to "take advantage" and that is what we have been doing lately with our free time. David had the weekend free so we took advantage of it and had a very productive and FUN  Saturday.  We went to Costco to buy some luggage.  It has barely hit me that I will be living out of a two suit cases for the next two years. It has not been easy making decisions to say what stays and what goes....I have my winter bag done, but I can't tell you how many times I've had to "edit" it. I add, then I subtract things from it. I think I might just leave it alone already and whatever I forget, well I guess I'll just have to do some shopping...Great excuse no? (muaaaa hahaha) Let's hope David doesn't read this.

Anyway we went to Costco in the morning and quickly went back home to head downtown. Every time I go downtown I get depressed more and more just thinking about the day we have to go. I just love this place. I'm excited for our great international adventure, but it is so hard to leave this beautiful place.

Baby David seems the only one that is truly ready for the big move

Loves riding on his Dad's shoulders

"Hi Mom"

He knows how to ride in style

Baby David was sporting his sunglasses all day. People were laughing and stopping us to tell us how cute he looked, and that they couldn't believe he would keep them on and not tear them off. One more of the reasons that I feel so lucky to be this kiddo's momma. 

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