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Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend and more

This last week has been so much fun. We have been fortunate to have my older brother and Mom here visiting with us. They came for two reasons, a candy expo (work) and of course, Baby David. The candy expo was crazy fun and we all ended up with a stomach ache after sampling everything you could imagine. This place is every trick-or-treater's paradise. I really did feel at one point that was exactly what I was doing, nevertheless I took complete advantage and grabbed everything in sight.....now we have an extremely overwhelming amount of candy, but with time soon  it will be all gone.

Being a four day weekend we knew there was bound to be great sales, and we found plenty of them. David worked all weekend so he didn't get to come with us downtown on Friday or Saturday. We did plenty of shopping and eating. We went to brunch on Saturday to my favorite place, Bongo Room. The pictures I took do no justice to the food, but just trust me that it is sooooo good. If you ever come to Chicago the food is amazing, the portions are big, and the prices are great, especially for what you get. David had today (Monday) off so we all went to the outlets and Naperville, a beautiful suburb west of the city for some yummy dinner at and dessert. We had no luck, especially David. The dessert place we wanted to go to was closed, and when we got to the restaurant they didn't ran out of what David wanted. I guess it was one of those days for him, but still we had fun and enjoyed the day.

He is growing up so fast. People always say that and it's so true. I wish there was a way I could freeze time only for a moment to enjoy and record every little thing he does. He seems to be the smartest little boy I've ever seen. (I know every mother  probably thinks that about her child, but I promise it's true) He seems to know exactly what to do to get a reaction from people. He has already started to say "este," spanish for "this one" and also "papa," David was so excited when he heard it for himself he couldn't believe it and called his parents. Every little thing my little guy does makes me so happy. I know it sounds cheesy and I never thought I'd end up being "that mom" that gushes about every little thing her child does, but I am, and I own it. I love being a mom and I love being the mom of this wonderful, smart, and beautiful baby boy.

Lobster Roll Eggs Benedict

Chocolate Chunk French Toast

Red Velvet Pancakes

David is starting to act more like a normal child and grab everything in sight and be as loud as he ca

We found Dick Tracy

   The boys all got matching hats and of course my baby boy looked cuter than ever.

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