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Friday, July 26, 2013

Next stop

The day is here. Goodbye Vevey, see you soon. It's been a great month here. At first it was difficult to get use to so much peace and calm surroundings that I didn't really know what to do with myself but now I'm sad to leave, but then I realize I'm on my way to Brazil and I get super excited. I finally get to go! I'm anxious for what's waiting but I know it will be good if I have the right attitude (that sounded really cheesy, but it's true). Who cares if there is no AC and I can't samba, I'll get by.

This last weekend we went to Lausanne and it was so much fun. It felt so "European ". That sound dumb since I've been in Europe this whole time, but I mean it was what I had pictured in my as far as what Europe was like.There were musicians playing everywhere and boy they weren't your average street musician they were AMAZING, so much that we felt compelled to give them money. I absolutely loved Lausanne that I went back on Tuesday just to walk around....ok also to shop (I found Zara and Massimo Dutti... I mean come on) and my buddy and I would just stop and enjoy the street music. As always it sucks to leave a place just as you start getting comfortable, I still can't get use to that part but at least we have Brazil to look forward to.Though the trip to Brazil will be a VERY long one I can't wait to get there!!!! Au revoir Switzerland !!!!!

Of course I HAD to try these! They didn't disappoint.

Most delicious salad EVER

Also best pizza we've had, and we've had A LOT

Some pictures in Vevey our last few days

We FINALLY had fondue here!! We love fondue, and now we've had legit fondue, we can leave in peace.

One thing the baby and I will miss the most is the park/beach we have by this beautiful beautiful lake. The water is so clear and you have the beautiful mountains in the background, gorgeous.

Oh and the food, oh gosh the food as always is what we miss most. It's good we don't stay, we (I) eat a lot of bread and cheese, it's truly all I need to survive. Also it's best baby David doesn't eat much of these fine cheeses and delicious freshly baked breads, he's going to go back to the states and expect the same thing, poor kid he will be so disappointed.

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