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Thursday, August 8, 2013


Our first full week  in Brazil!!! Oh how we are loving this place. As always though the first few days are very hard on me, but then I realize I need to get over myself and enjoy everything around me. Another downer was that we all got a cold. We are barley getting over it and we haven't been able to go enjoy the beach....and we are only four blocks away!!! What a tease right? The internet we were given is a pain to deal with, besides the fact it's a USB that hates me and works only with David works his voodoo magic on it, it is SLOW.....but I'm learning to just deal with it and get use to it. There might be places we end up living where it will be worse.

The three semesters I took of Portuguese were not enough for me to understand everything here. In fact I feel I barley understand anything at all. It's a lot different hearing the real thing than seeing it on paper. Regardless of the language barrier and minor bumps we have with technology I can say I love it here so far. The people here are so happy and nice. I don't know how to explain it, it's like what you feel when you go to your grandma's house (or at least how I feel going to my grandma's house). Automatic love, warm welcoming, and hugs. If you have a problem with people being in your personal space don't come here because people talk to you everywhere, ( I have yet to really know what they are saying right..) complement your cute baby, (if you have one) and are genuinely interested in making you feel welcomed. We have seen this in restaurants, stores, and at church of course. We loved going to our ward, people were so sweet, and I was especially proud that I understood almost everything that was said. But seriously back on the topic of the people here, they are wonderful!  In Switzerland I was totally out of place with the language and how things were done, here same thing, but I don't feel so out of place because of the way people treat me. I'm not saying Swiss people aren't nice, I'm just saying that the people treat me here have made me feel very comfortable.

We have been in heaven with the food. We LOVED the food in Switzerland  (I'm missing it like CRAZY)but it really burned a hole in our pockets so we (I) ate mostly bread and cheese for most of my meal......though I didn't mind at all with THEIR bread and cheese.  Anyway here the food has been DELICIOUS. I am in heaven with the fruit, and David with the meat. I honestly don't think any vegetarian would last here.

The first weekend here we did lots of shopping for things we needed for the house including groceries, but this weekend  we hopefully finally make it to the beach, and get this internet thing fixed.
Loves melon juice!

This bag was FULL of the chocolates! David works at the factory, and though they are not Swiss chocolate, they are quite delicious....and almost all gone thanks to me.

Sick but happy as always! Love my baby boy.

I forgot to mention, I have honestly never seen so much beauty in my life. The people here are gorgeous! It is no wonder half of the supermodels are Brazilian. Baby David notices the beauty too. Love at first sight it seemed. He just stared and stared.

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