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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Life so far

Believe it or not  life here has not been easy to get use to. In the U.S things are A LOT more fast pace. Here it seems people just stop and enjoy everything around them. Like I said it hasn't been easy because I don't know how to do that. David has been working long hours so I'm alone most of the day (with my buddy of course) and don't know what to do to keep myself busy. I feel like I'm suppose to be doing something and well there is not much for me to do. The language barrier is the main thing that has me frustrated. It's mainly because I think too much of it. I feel embarrassed and it keeps me from doing certain things.Oh how I wish I would had taken French in high school instead of Spanish! My laziness has come back to haunt me.  
 This weekend was a nice break from my frustration and made me to come to understand that I need to change the way I go about life here. David had a workshop in Champéry a BEAUTIFUL little town in the mountains, the drive up there was incredible and I appreciate nature A LOT more. Once there we stayed in an amazing chalet where they made us feel like kings. I was able to meet David colleagues and interact with people I could understand ! The food was amazing. The people in the program David is in are from all around the world. It was so fun to talk to them, it truly opened up my eyes to the rest of the world. It was interesting conversations. My favorite thing was learning simple traditions or customs that others have.We took the baby of course and so many people thought it was so weird that we named the baby after David. I guess in a lot of places that's just weird. He was the first baby to ever go to a workshop and everyone passed him around some even taking pictures with him. We of course were so sad to leave. But this weekend was the pick me up I needed to realize these experiences only come once and I could let them go by and feel sorry for myself (stupid I know) or embrace it all in an optimistic manner that will make me truly enjoy this great adventure. I think so many times in life we are the ones that hold ourselves back more than anything. Here is to enjoying life and getting out of our own way , and enjoy la vie!

This was a decorative piece...They had a more comfortable bed for him

He was obviously super happy as always

 Already missing all the delicious food and plushy bed! Until next time!

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