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Friday, June 28, 2013

Checking in!

Hello!!!!!! Finally all the chaos of moving is over, (well sort of) and i can squeeze a post in! We are in Switzerland and its surreal. I honestly can't believe it. I left Chicago so sad, and while I was in Utah I felt so stressed and worried about everything, but finally getting here I've been able to forget it all and start over. Besides the fact that I (we) don't speak a lick of French it's been so amazing here. I feel so happy and giddy. The only thing that broke my heart is the fact I forgot my camera and I almost was about to tell David, "I'll be right back" and just fly back to go get it. For now my iPod will have to do.
I'll post more later but for now I just wanted to show you all we made it here alive and well.

  Flying will never be the same. We got to fly first class and got spoiled.

Baby David sure enjoyed the in-flight entertainment. 

David found some friends

Woke him up for breakfast and still had a smile on his face

I found a mall, and in that mall was HM...and it's only a few blocks away....DANGER

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