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Friday, September 6, 2013


As always I set out to post at the beginning of the week, and here I am...right at the begining of the weekend...Good job right? Anyway this last weekend was very simple, but for whatever reason it was SO good. We did our laundry,went grocery shopping, and as always, had great food. Simple but we always seem to enjoy ourselves...It helps having this kiddo that does something new everyday it seems. He now says "gracias" (thank you) and does this crazy excited face and he clenches his fists and shakes...That sounds weird but I promise it's super cute. My aunt has a home video of me doing the same thing as a toddler. Guess he's like his dad and crazy like his mama.

Sunday we had people over for a family home evening and some treats.Who would have thought that a quesadilla would be such a hit. They are so simple yet so delicious. They had never had them before and loved them. When we found the tortillas at the supermarket it was like finding gold. Although they are not the same, something is something. I've been having like 3 a day since we bought them. Diets start on Monday though right? Too bad they always end on Mondays too.
 Hopefully this weekend will be like quesadillas simple and so good.

Please enjoy these horrible pictures... mostly blurry and I didn't even try to fix them....I will later..No promises though


Some of the crazy faces

We went to a rodizio style restuarant where it's all the meat you can eat. You can see who likes the salad bar and who likes the meat.

He didn't like that!

He was fine after our course

Making some dang quesadillas

People hopefully enjoying them

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