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Monday, August 26, 2013

Two weekends and a Birthday

I need to catch up! This has been the most I've kept up with a "journal ", but I seem to be falling behind. SO here's what has been going on with us crazy folk.

Last weekend we finally made it to the beach and we loved it! Baby David at first was weird-ed out with the sand but before he even noticed he was off the towel and playing in it. We were hoping to get a tan but soon after we arrived there were clouds and so we remain pasty for now. We did however enjoy a DELICIOUS coconut water and its my new favorite beverage.
Sunday night we were invited to a family home evening and dinner to have some yummy chili. People here believed it was a Mexican dish. They were excited to make it for us (being Mexican and all) and we had to disappoint them and let them know it wasn't. Either way we are big fans of chili and enjoyed every bite.

You will see this is a trend with our pictures....We are never successful with taking a proper family picture.

And then we give up.

With our hosts of the evening

During the week the baby got sick with s cold and so we had no choice but to stay indoors. It was rainy and gloomy most days so it worked out just fine. That didn't stop us from celebrating my Love's 29th birthday. 

Being the great homemaker I am it only took four times, you heard it FOUR times for me to finally make a decent edible cake. I don't have measuring cups, I don't have all the same ingredients, and I'm no Martha Stewart. I was honestly so fed up at one point that I was going to just go buy a cake but it was raining and I knew I had to try just one more time. Alas  success and it was tasty. Of course we also had moyetes ( a Porras/Siller  tradition) and sang happy birthday in 5 languages. David's colleagues are from France, Italy, Mexico, and Eben (Brazilian ) plus us (English speakers) made it extra special. David was happy and so I was very happy. Perfect day minus all the cake chaos of course.
Nestle clan
Eben came bearing gifts for both David and the Baby, thank you!

Once again here is more attempts to taking a family picture.

Take 1

Take 2

                                                                            ..................and fail

Friday I was invited to an all ladies lunch with great food and awesome company. Once more I say people here are like no other, so inviting and loving.
This weekend we headed over to Victoria both on Friday and Saturday for dinner. We ate WAY too much on both days but it was all so delicious and we enjoyed every single bite.

David's work schedule has been quite hard on us. We wish we had more time with each other during the week, but we make the best of the time we do have together. I'm thankful for my hardworking Budu! He doesn't have the easiest job but I know that he gives it everything he can for us. I'm the lucky girl that gets to spend eternity with him. Happy 29th  birthday Budu, here's to many many more years and many more disaster cakes!

                                                                           This is the best we can do for a family pic

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