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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Life lately and grandma

I've been pretty absent here the last couple of weeks or so and it's mainly because we haven't been up to much. David as always is working a ton an we don't get to see much of him during the week. This last week his boss came from Switzerland and we really didn't see much of him at all. That's has been the greatest challenge with this job of his. We have great opportunities to travel but we don't have much time to see things together. I know he isn't the only person in the world that works crazy long hours, but still it sucks. I like spending time with my husband. It can get a bit lonely at times but baby David and I manage.

We haven't felt much loneliness lately because my wonderful and beautiful mother has arrived! I (we) could not be happier. The baby and I talk to her pretty much everyday via Skype/FaceTime  but to have her here is SOOOOO much better. When Baby David saw her  in person he seemed so confused. He was just grabbing her face and it seemed he was thinking, "oh you are real." So cute. She came because my baby boy is turning ONE. I honestly don't even know where the time went and though.I don't want him to turn one. I'm not ready, it can't be October seventh yet, that's not ok. I guess I'll just have to suck it up and be a "man". Ill probably cry all Sunday night so by the time Monday comes I can sing "las maƱanitas" to my baby with no tears left to shed. I can't stop time so I might as well just enjoy everything he does. I know it's cheesy to say this  but I honestly don't know how I got such an amazing kid. He's everything i would want in a kid and more. Oh yea and on top of  it all  he has the most beautiful face, a smile and gaze that kills me every time I see it. I don't think I should gush anymore, I think most people will stop reading if they haven't already. Oh well I love my kid. I'd be stupid to say it's easy being a mom because it's not. Not at all, but the love I have for this kid makes every difficulty worth it. My baby David will always be my baby David. Whether he's turning ONE or one hundred "my baby he'll be."

I finally got my camera back....so hopefully my pictures will be better.


  1. oh my goodness. how is baby david already 1?! this is crazy to me. time is flying by so fast. oh my goodness. and i totally feel your pain about feeling lonely! i swear, i'm like a widow. lehi works long crazy hours too and i hardly ever see him during the week days. and i know i shouldn't complain. i'm so incredibly grateful for him and his work. but it does sometime suck. you just want to sit down and have dinner together, ya know!??

    1. oh gosh yes! It is a major blessing they have jobs....it's too bad they can't do something that only takes a few quick hours