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Sunday, October 6, 2013

My Baby

Tomorrow my baby turns 1....Where did the time go.

Baby David so far
  • Loves music! He hears a beat he moves, washing machine, radio, tv, anything he's a dancing.
  • Is very well mannered, he says "gracias" when we give him things....melts my heart EVERY time.
  • Loves to eat fine cheeses....he has a better pallet then I do...I feel we might have a little food critic on our hands.....I can only imagine future family dinners "mother this is a tad bland"  (and yes I imagine says it in a British accent)
  • Gives kisses...especially to his dad, I have to beg for them....he gives them freely to daddy
  • He is just like his dad, loves technology, watching futbol, and loves flamenco
  • He has been to 7 countries...before his first birthday
  • LOVESSSSS the pink panther..the original theme song...like the really really old one. His face lights up when we play it.
  • He is also a very  big fan of the Justified theme song
  • Favorite fruit, melon
  • Started crawling at 8 months and started taking his first steps a few days ago
  • Apparently learned English on his own...calls David "dad" even though we ALWAYS refer to him as "papa"....and also says "that" when he use to say "este"
  • Waves goodbye and blows kisses.... mostly to pretty girls and the elderly
  • Has the best facial expressions....when he gets super frustrated or excited he clenches his hands together and shakes....(that sounds super creepy and weird....it kind of is but it's more cute I promise)
  • He's a little explorer...loves too observe and get into EVERYTHING...most of which he shouldn't 
  • Makes strangers on the street stop to say hi....no matter where we are in the world, this kid seems to have a magnet
  • He's the coolest kid I know

I can hardly believe I'm a mother, and I can't believe I got a kid of gold. He makes my days, he's made my life. I don't know what I did to deserve such a special kid. As someone who didn't want to become a mother at such a "young" age I have been taken aback by these amazing feelings I experience being a mother,especially his mother. I now know this is exactly what I was suppose to be. I could not imagine my life without this little guy. He has changed me and inspires me to be more of what I am. He motivates me to be better than who I am. He is the reason I get up in the morning, (literally...). I only hope and pray that I can be the mother that he deserves. I love you my Baby David. Thank you for making me the happiest mama and being one of my greatest blessings.

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