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Friday, November 22, 2013

Moving the Rug

So about a week or so ago I announced that we were going to Spain for our next assignment.......Well guess what???? As my mom would say "me movieron el tapete".....translation "they moved the rug from right under me." (it sounds SO much better in Spanish I promise)  They cancelled the project and changed our location. So guess where is our NEW conquest will take place.....huh? no....not even close....Where?? ...nope not there...close.....AAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhh... ok ok I'll just tell you, Ukraine! Yep you heard me. I've become even MORE anxious. I was excited about Spain because of the language but I guess it's time I learn Ukrainen right? I guess this Christmas I'm asking for Rosetta Stone, my new best friend. I have NO clue what to expect, or what the culture is like, but this is an opportunity to learn right? Looking at the pictures and videos online about Lviv, the city we will be living in, puts me more at ease. It looks beautiful. Lots of exploring I will be doing. Wish me luck!

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  1. Wow! Ukraine! You can do it. That is very different from Spain indeed. I've heard its beautiful though. You'll be such a linguist!