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Thursday, November 28, 2013


It's official, Thanksgiving sucks without family. There is no other way to say it lightly....My buddy and I were all alone today. David is on a business trip so we were LONELY....I know here it's just another day here but once you know a holiday you can't really let it go, at least I can't. The way we do things in my family no holiday is just "meh". So as you can tell there was lot's I missed today. The last three years, though I spent it away from my parents we had made it a tradition to drive over to Adriana and Sergio's house for the Thanksgiving festivities. We loved it. Even Chad and Steph would go so even though each of us was far from the rest of the family, we got together and had the best of times. Also we had the BEST food, and amazing home made pies that Adriana made. Her pumpkin pie is truly my favorite! Another tradition is going to the movies, always nice to kill a few hours while the turkey is cooking. I was down all morning wishing I was over there with everyone. Finally as I was having lunch with my baby I realized that I could still make it special for the two of us. So I saw worked with what I had. I'll be honest. It was not good but I really tried. It's the thought that counts no?
Though the meal was a bit of a fail, I still had fun with my buddy. He seemed to not mind the food and we even watched a movie while we ate since we weren't able to go to the movies.

Turkey! We didn't buy a real turkey so we just made one ourselves. 

Also Skyping with his Uncles and grandparents

Someone's excited for dessert

Green Beans???

This photo brought to you by the self timer

One thing is for sure, not having the full Thanksgiving festivities really did help me to truly reflect on what I was thankful for.

There is so MUCH, I am THANKFUL FOR.....

  • First just yesterday my niece Mila was born, she is a little piece of heaven. The first GIRL of the new generation! Princess Mila! Also we were blessed with the births of Levi and Diego (born the same day as Baby D!) this year.....Baby D finally has cousins his age! These little babies are angels in our lives. I can't wait to meet them soon!
  • Technology! Though today it was what was fueling my blues, it also lets me talk to my family. And  everyday and helps me stay in touch with all my friends and family...."always and forever"
  • My best friends Karen and Taylor! Karen has ALWAYS been there anytime I need her. She is the sweetest and most caring person I know. Her nickname Karebear says it all! I know if I need her she's there in a second. Without Taylor I have NO idea how I would have the last two year in high school when I moved to Utah. Our mutual weirdness and love for mean girls made us the perfect duo.I'm so glad I had enough ceramic skills for her to come over and start being my friend (true story). Everytime I get together with them it's as if we were never apart. I LOVE YOU GIRLS!
  • My cousins, I love them all so much. They are more like my siblings. My childhood would have not been the same without them. Now that we are all grown up it's harder and harder for us to all get together. Thankfully we still have some single people that I know soon will bring us all together soon ;)
  • My in-laws. They are the best. They always are telling me how much they love me and how lucky they are that David found me....but really I am the lucky one to have THEM!
  • My Garcia Brothers and Sisters. I have been so blessed to have married into such an AMAZING family. I could not have picked a better bunch. Sergio and Adriana are always there for us.Sergio is always there with the answers. Adriana is a Super Mom (really she is). Michelle and Ale are amazingly talented and so welcoming when we come to visit, and of course Jewed, my big little brother that is a "youth" like me and have a mutual love for quoting any Will Ferrell movie.
  • My Brothers. Amir is the best Big brother anyone could ask for,protective,with the heart of gold. Brandon is the tough guy with the softest heart. Haffid is the coolest,weirdest, and craziest kid you'll meet, and you'll want to be his best friend, he's that cool. They drive me crazy, they make me laugh until my stomach hurts, and they sometimes still make me cry, but I love them and miss them SO SO much!!!!!!!
  • My AMAZING parents. I could not have been sent to a better pair of people. They gave me so much love, gave me so much, and continue doing so. They are the hardest works, the most giving people and the BEST parents anyone could ask for.
  • My Wonderful Budu that works so hard for our family.I know it has not been easy working such long hours. I also know I am not the easiest person to be with, and I as I've mentioned before, kind of a weirdo, but I'm glad he still takes me as I am!  I truly found the love of my life! 

  • My Baby!!!! He is always with me and makes me one happy momma. I could not imagine my life without him. He makes the craziest faces and I love seeing his personality develop everyday. He is PURE JOY! He makes my day. I am the luckiest mom in the world!
I'm thankful that I have a Heavenly Father that loves me and has blessed me with all that I have. Especially this little face!


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  1. Ok, you are just the cutest mom ever. I just love the passion you have for your family. It's absolutely lovely. Love your blog! Miss you, dear Mel!