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Tuesday, November 12, 2013


We are moving to Spain! Yep, I can't believe it. I don't believe anything until it actually am there. As always the excitement is quickly taken over by worry. We have known for a while now we were too busy with the Visa stress we didn't bother to tell very many people. Visa's are ALWAYS a pain. We haven't had much luck. Europe especially is difficult to get into for more than the 90 days that they let us stay. We had applied for the Swiss one and apparently were approved but the Consulate never let us know. We went a ton of times and we were told it was still pending. We finally called directly to Switzerland and they told us we were approved and were suppose to get the visa a couple months back. As I write all this all the anxiety is rushing through me because we have yet to resolve this matter. Hopefully Spain will let me and Baby David stay, because currently are time there will be limited. We don't believe that being apart for three months is good for us, and plus I would NOT like that at all! So anyway that is something we for sure need to make sure we get fixed.

Stress and visa applying aside, I am way excited! I know it does not sound very convincing after that first paragraph but it's true! The food and the culture is always my favorite part. I always love learning about the way people live. That has been my favorite part of all this process. The town we are going to live in is TINY, Araia, Spain. About 1200, and I thought Arkansas was hard. We will be in the Basque Country. It will be an adjustment for sure, but I'm excited. I know it will be hard, as it always is, but I will have a beautiful place to live in so I'll have to eventually get over myself and go explore and learn from what is around me. I'm also excited to live in a place where I will speak the language. I am truly blessed that my parents knew the importance of having two languages and the opportunities that that brings. I can almost say I speak Portuguese I guess...I get by is more like it. Sometimes I just want to record myself, translate and see how  horribly I've butchered the language.....maybe it's best I don't do that or else I'll just become a mute here. So now you know, if any of you happen to go over to Spain let us know!

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