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Monday, November 4, 2013

Missing Ohio

As I mentioned before two weeks ago we were in Ohio. We had SO much fun. I feel so blessed to have married into such an awesome family. One way I know we had a such a good time was that I didn't do much shopping....and I ALWAYS make time for shopping. (in my terms it was not "much", for David it was) We were too busy searching for our trunk-or-treat costumes, buying ingredients for all the delicious food, and taking advantage that we had "babysitters" so we even got to go on a date! I went to the movies twice! David took the baby to the aquarium, as you saw we carved pumpkins and had plenty of Halloween fun.Unfortunately the saying "time flies when you are having fun" is very much true and we just wish we could have made the week a little longer, too bad it wasn't.

David and Chad took Baby David to the Aquarium, as you can see  they had lots of fun. Steph and I went to the movies. After the we met up and went to Tom and Chee where you can have a donut grilled cheese sandwich. They were featured on Shark Tank, being the Shark Tank fans that we are we just HAD to go.

Baby David coloring with his Daddy.

Baby David had a healthier lunch, a cup of strawberries he decided to drink

We thought we were going to have trouble with David staying in the car seat since we only have been in taxi's for the last four months, but he was a little angel.

Jungle Jim's is a super fun HUGE international grocery store where you could find anything you could think of. It is very big though, here you can see the Davids were a little exhausted toward the end.

Italian shirts are popular in this family.

As I said we had fun shopping for exotic ingredients to make our different dishes we wanted to make. We made the best fondue two nights in a row, Adriana made the best pork burgers EVER, and we made Sushi too. David got a picture of the sushi. No pictures of the other things. I think we were a bit too eager and busy eating the food that taking a pictures never crossed our minds.
David LOVES his Uncle Sergio, he loved falling asleep next to him while he played Skyrim

Saturday night we celebrated Steph's birthday. Chad had us surprise her. He bought the BEST ice cream cake from Graeters. We ALL thought it was quite tasty.

Fancy gift to make delicious juice!

David liked the cake A LOT

Clarky loves his aunt steph

Once again we had a TON of fun. We had a rough week after getting back. We were a bit blue. Missing EVERYONE, all the great food, fun late nights watching movies or playing games, and the kids. Emma's original improvised songs, Sergitos sweet smile, and Clarky's, oh Clarky that ball of energy.  We wish we were still just a car drive away. One thing we did realize while there is that there is NOTHING better than family, to have the opportunity to visit them even if it was just for a week, was truly the BEST!

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