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Friday, February 21, 2014


As many of you have already heard Ukraine is going through violent protests that seem to have been turning into a rebellion. As a result we were sent back "home", so we are currently back in Switzerland. It was all very fast. Thursday we were David was told and two hours later the whole team was on the next flight out. These protests have been happening for awhile now and the violence just keeps escalating. We were no where near Kiev, and were never in any danger. There had been protests in Lviv, but when we were  there we saw people gathered in the square but were only watching the news on a big screen the city had seemed put there.Wednesday, it was my birthday but by then things were very violent in Kiev and we decided it was best to stay where we felt comfortable, in the case something did happen to break out. It didn't but things have gotten way worse day by day. I'm sad that we were there for such a short time but I really hope that things soon get resolved. It's surreal to be in a different place in the world where there is so much opposition and uncertainty in the country's future. The little bit that I was there, I enjoyed my time. The people were all so sweet and helpful to this clueless mute. As much as I tried to learn two or three words, nothing seemed to come out of my mouth. I really hope that soon there will be the resolution that the people deserve so the country itself can move forward and the people get what they've been seeking for.

Venezuela  and Thailand also have had government protests. It is sad to see so many countries having such conflicts. Hope, pray, meditate, or whatever it is that you do,that everything gets resolved soon and that other countries that are in constant conflict also can get peace.

Appreciate all that you have, especially those you love.

Here are the very few and not great quality pictures we have in Ukraine.

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