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Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines Day!

It's been another crazy day with some hiccups but nonetheless good. Did a bit more crying, BUT I had some angels come my way. First, at the hotel I was staying they had broken elevator and so going up one flight of stairs with a baby, stroller, and bags....was a challenge. The lady at the front desk was so nice and calmed my crying baby boy with a Valentine. He had no clue what it was, but was happy and distracted with it. Then when I went over to the airport the sweetest lady that I met yesterday continued to help me and made sure I was put in Hilton here in the airport and got me diapers for the baby. While she was getting all that done, it was when the baby got sick  AGAIN and was covered in vomit, so I had to go get him something to wear. The lady at the store  however was another person that brightened up my day. She gave me a bit of a discount at her store when she saw what I was going through and made me feel more at ease. I know in a different situation these things might not have been a huge deal, but to me they were today. Never felt so much love on Valentines before today. Complete strangers going out of there way to make me feel better and feel comfortable. I guess I don't need a heart shaped box or balloon  this Valentines Day to feel loved. Don't get me wrong this girl will still be expecting those sorta things (ok Budu?), but seriously these small acts of kindness toward me made my Valentines Day full of "gifts" and a very very nice ones. 

"Is this all for me?"

I wasn't able to go downtown like I had planned because of my little guy seeming to catch the flu, but I was also lucky enough to see my hubby via FaceTime and enjoy lunch "together". I just can't wait to see him and celebrate in person. Not a bad Valentines Day after all. 

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