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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Paris Part Deux

Paris, as I mentioned before is absolutely enchanting. So much that it had us lost and wondering through its streets. We ended up in places we would have never found even if we tried. I had an amazing time but wish I would have been more prepared. But again this was totally last minute, as are most of our plans are so we did what we could. Anyway, the little time I did have to look up things to do (more like eat) in Paris, I made sure to make a list and write down as much detail as possible. We did not do all we wished to do but we tried our best to do as much as we could. Here are some suggestions if you ever find yourself coming to Paris:

  • First off, there is a LOT of walking you will be doing, but as long as you have a GOOD map (we did NOT) and a good sense of direction, you will see that everything though it is not all "super close" it's at a distance, and there is so much to see that you won't even care and you'll be loving it all.
  • Plan out where you are going. I wish I would have had time to map out a plan. Would have saved SO much time. 
  • Train, Metro, Bus. We have come to LOVE public transportation. It is so magical. We bought unlimited two day pass that included, train, bus and metro. Was perfect because just fyi, the train to go to the airport is not the same as the metro, so separate fare. Nothing worse than getting fined in Euros. 
  • Sundays- we were leaving on Sunday but decided that since we would be there the whole afternoon we could put off some things to do until then.....BIG mistake. Most things are closed on Sundays. Like a TON....I was way bummed but yea. Don't plan to do much if you are going a whole weekend and think you have two days. 
  • Pick pocketing is something you have to always be careful with, no matter where you are in my opinion, but we've heard a few stories and were warned to always watch where your money and important items are. There are trixy little people out there.
  • Be stylish. If ever you want to not look like a tourist (always!) it's in Paris. I love the effortless style those Parisans have. You'll be inspired to look chic, promise. 

Here are some things I recommend you eat and when you do, you will thank me

  • Croissants, you have to eat a croissant at Eric Kayser. I read this and was like, ok I literally eat at least two croissants a day here what could be so great or different about these....oh my gosh, EVERYTHING. It's melt in your melt deliciousness. We tried the chocolate one, DELISH
  • Crepes, I'll be honest, I'm not a huge crepe fan, but we had like 3 in the day and a half we were there. It is a quick "cheap" snack, and yes they were quite taste. I prefer a savory crepe especially ham and cheese.
  • Macarons, so I don't know what it is about these little clouds of deliciousness that I love so much. I know there are a lot of people that end up tasting them and are like, "yeah, ok, whatever" and tell me they are not all that great, maybe, but I LOVE them. Most people have heard of Laduree, very famous for their macarons, but I had read about Pierre Herme and wrote it down and thought if by a miracle I found this place I of course would have to try some. That miracle came and they were SO good. They were very different. They had crazy flavors. Not your typical choices and they also had amazing chocolate.
  • Chocolate and Caramels. We tried the chocolate, really really good. Never got around to trying to caramels, but next time for sure I have to find Jacques Genin to try some.
  • Something that I was truly bummed I didn't get to try was a Kouglof at Vandermeersch Bakery. I have no clue what they are but every site that I looked up must eats, there they were. So next time!
Oh gosh I want to be back there already. In all seriousness I told David I want to live there. Even if it is for a little while. Oh gosh, this dreamy city has got me in a daze. Until next time Paris!

paris1 from melissa on Vimeo.

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