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Thursday, March 13, 2014

I see London

We have been taking FULL advantage of our stay here. We were lucky enough to go to London this last weekend. I honestly can't feel my feet at the end of these trips, but it is so worth it. We loved London! It was so clean, modern, and people were so friendly. One thing I did not like was the hole it burned in my pocket. HOLY COW. I thought Switzerland was expensive, and it is, but for whatever reason I found myself gasping for air every time I paid for something. So if you plan to visit, SAVE. We did get to see a ton of things though. Getting around was so much easier than Rome, or Paris, (maybe it's the fact we could actually understand the signs) who knows, even when tracks were not in service we managed to find our way eventually. We did a ton in just about a day and a half, I left with the same feeling I left Paris," I need more time!" Seems like these trips are too fast, and packed with so much that it just zooms by. So hopefully we find ourselves back in London.
Paris was my ultimate place to visit in Europe, and London was one of David's. The reason, to go to the Arsenal Stadium and watch a game with his son. He says it's his dream.  We were lucky enough to get there when they had a match. Unfortunately we found out how loyal fans are in England and it was impossible to get tickets on such short notice. Still part of the dream (going to the stadium) was fulfilled. I can't tell you how happy it made me to see David so uber excited. He said "this is like Disneyland to me" at one point, not trying to embarrass him, but it seriously was like watching a kid at Disneyland for the first time, and I'm glad I got to witness it.
The first thing on my check list for London was Abby Road. At one point it seemed impossible to find the right bus that would take us there (Tube was under construction) but after lots of walking we found it and when I got there I was SO happy. I of course was not the only one there. There were a ton of people trying to recreate that famous image but when it's a VERY busy street, it is quiet impossible. I did get a good shot and got lucky that not too many other people crossed at the same time.
Food was something that did not impress us too much. There isn't much english food that pops out except, fish and chips and scones, and that is what we had. They were good. Ice cream in England is VERY different. Or at least it was to me. It is literally iced cream. If you like whip cream, you will LOVE their ice cream, I though was not a huge fan.
I really do hope we have the chance to go back and explore more. There were so many amazing shops and I didn't get to go into any! So you know it is a must I head back when I can. People there really know how to dress. Everyone was so stylish.
London is such an amazing city. We were lucky to have seen it and check off yet another on of our "cities to see". Until the next adventure!


 view from our hotel lobby Hotwire totally hooked us up with it's random little choosing thing




See no food images.....WEIRD right.

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