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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Palmkirmes &Ramen

This weekend we "stayed home" in other words, we didn't drive over two hours to explore. We had a fair just a few minutes away, and I LOVED it. I felt like a little kid. One thing is for sure, going to the fair as an adult is WAY more fun! You get to eat whatever you want AND you're tall enough for all the rides. We really did eat SO much....but honestly I don't even regret it. I just regret I didn't go to the the fair hungrier. I discovered my new favorite thing, LANGOS! oh gosh they are heaven! We ate mushrooms, fried cauliflower, bratwurst, kettle corn, pretzels, and chocolate strawberries.....amongst other things. I was hesitant to get the chocolate strawberries because I'm kind of a snob when it comes to eating crappy chocolate (blame my dad). Normally you get the cheap plasticy chocolate that doesn't melt so easily ( you know what I mean) especially at a fair, but everyone seemed to have the chocolate fruit and so I caved in and got me a stick with four juicy strawberries dipped in chocolate. My first bite was glorious. Holy yummy chocolate Batman! I guess I forgot that I was in Europe, and there really is no such thing as bad chocolate. I enjoyed every bite! Next time I'm starting with dessert. Wai Kuan came along with us, and she made it very clear that she did NOT like roller coasters. As always she was more than happy to take care of the baby while David and I got on a few rides. It was nice for it  to be just the two of us for a few little moments, they were like mini dates.  Too bad the fair is gone now. Until the next fair!

Saturday we headed over to Dusseldorf and went to Japan Town. We ate delicious ramen and walked around the town. We went to a few parks looking for a Japanese garden but unfortunately we never found it. Still we walked around the park and had some fun. Never a dull moment, even when we are completely lost. 

Seriously..SO HEAVENLY

I'm sorry did you want another bite?
Ok, so we got our buddy on this ride thinking it just spun around.....turns out it goes up and down, he did not like it very much. He didn't cry but you could kind of see how he felt about it. Luckily he had his daddy with him.
He does love the carrousel though 
He looks like my little Ringo Star here....I love my little guy
 As much as I love going to new exciting cities, I enjoy just staying close and being with my boys. 

I can't get too comfortable at home though.This next coming weekend we are going to Barcelona, any musts????? What should we do, eat, see????? I'm so excited! 


  1. How exciting. It looks like you all had a ton of fun, and the food looks amazing!

    1. It was!!!!!!!!! The food, I could just eat it all day!!!!