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Tuesday, April 8, 2014



For the weekend we headed over to Amsterdam. Since it's only about a two hour drive and David's friends decided to go (and they share a car) we decided to go along too. We were surprised with how much we liked it and how much there was to see and to do! We stayed in a hotel at the airport  and it was actually perfect because transportation was super easy to the city. We bought the I am Amsterdam city card and it was honestly the best thing we did. We bought the one for two days and it was more than WORTH it. It included free entrance to pretty much all the museums and churches, free hour canal ride, discounts at restaurants and free transportation within the city. You have seen how we do things, go go go!!! So this card was honestly PERFECT for us. Along with the card you get extremely helpful maps. We didn't get lost ONCE! That for us is a miracle. All in all we LOVED Amsterdam. We never really thought about it being one of our main trips before so I'm glad we did it and would totally go back. Of course many of you know some of the things Amsterdam is known for and it can be a little "too different"  in some things so maybe if you are super uncomfortable with things like that I'd stay away. You come across things whether you want to or not. Other than that great for the family ! haha Jk, no but really great and beautiful city. The museums here are so great and we didn't get to do most of them, but we made sure we got our top picks done.

Van Gough Museum
Anne Frank House
Coster Diamonds
I amSterdam sign.... (there are a ton of these)
Bag and Purse Museum (ok this was us girls)
Canal Ride
Nemo Science Museum (fun for kids)
Pancake Bakery Restaurant
Tulip Museum

One thing I loved was all the bikes! Oh how I wished there were more bike lanes and the use of bikes in the U.S. We hate on bike riders as drivers I feel, but I hate on drivers, I wish I could do everything by bike.....(not in the cold maybe) but still. One thing I won't like is going back to driving. I HATE driving.

Wai kuan, David's team member,came along this adventure 

Diamonds anyone?

 we ordered a car pancake....it came with an actual car, now his favorite toy
 not happy to get his picture taken

 So there was this massive pillow fight in the square and feathers were EVERYWHERE

This was my favorite, this family was way into the fight, kids going down and everything, but all in good fun

This church is where the royals get married and kings and queens get crowned

One thing that I wish we had more time to do was EAT more. I think there is still a ton we didn't get to do. Again that pass had TONS included and we only did a tiny fraction of the things. Now you know, anyone planning to come to Europe, don't forget Amsterdam, we almost did!!!


  1. You went to a public square in Europe on international pillow fight day! Haha not on purpose but you participated in a global phenomenon without even knowing it. How fun!!! Looks like Amsterdam is a dream! :)

    1. hahaha im glad you told me, we were SO confused!!!!!!!!!