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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Oh hey

We have been here for one whole week! I still don't believe it. Mainly because our moving van has yet to arrive (one more week). So as you can imagine it's been a bit challenging to really settle in. My brother-in-law did us the favor of selling a few of our things so we bought what we knew we didn't have, a dining table and a bed for the baby. Well I think I should stop referring him to the baby, he's almost 2!!!  Anyway D doesn't have a crib/bed anymore so we bought him a daybed. One, because we didn't want to buy a crib to have to soon do the whole "big boy bed" and because when people come to visit we have where to put them. It's also been OUR bed for the last week, and will continue to be for the next week or so. Like I mentioned we also got a table and two chairs, yep just two for now. For dinner we were doing David in one chair, Baby D in another chair with his booster chair and I in the stroller. I called it a chariot when my cousin Estefania came over and had to use it. The next day she came over with two chairs. YAY, I guess I'll be dining like a peasant again. That's all we really have with the the house and all, but it's been nice to sit down for meals like a "normal" family (whatever that means).
David's first few days of work have been good. It's so weird to see him be home at a decent time, I can sure get use to that. Also today he even came home for lunch, a great perk of living a few blocks away. Though I do miss some of the excitement of traveling and being a bit more careless, I've really enjoyed being with my boys and starting to "settle" down in our little apartment.

Here are three pics that show exactly what we've been doing:

Furniture testing

And Shopping

Happy weekend everybody!

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