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Monday, September 22, 2014

On Business

Sergio, David's older brother came to visit us. He was in town for business and we took this opportunity to of course have some fun around town. By fun this mostly means EATING, as always.
David and Sergio had to work still we would go out seeking the yummiests of food once they got off. We were very successful. Thursday night we drove in traffic to go to where we found are some of the best tacos in L.A. They were indeed very tasty and we ate a few too many but it was SO worth the food coma and drive.
Friday night was equally yummy. We were able to have lunch together at home  and once the guys came back from work we went to the mall for some yummy macarons. Once our hunger started stirring we headed over to Little Tokyo where we had the best ramen in town. Walked around the shops and the guys enjoyed some mochi ice cream for dessert.

 We also had the chance to go to Universal Studios,it was  David and Sergio's first time, and of course Baby D's.  As you can imagine it was loads of fun. A ton has changed since I was there myself. I didn't really know how I felt about all the changes, but at the same time I had fun exploring and experiencing all the new things. No more Back to the Future ride, Terminator, Back Draft (it's ok, sucked anyway) Lucy museum, E.T (for a long time, still hurts), and the huge mechanical King Kong during the studio tour, BUT you instead  get, a 3D King Kong, Transformers ride, The Mummy ride (my fav) Despicable Me, and the Simpsons ride. Apparently  soon even Harry Potter will have an attraction. If you are planning to go ever, here are some tips I have.

  • Get there for when they open. We were done with everything by 2pm. We didn't really have any lines. Our last pick was the Simpsons ride and the wait was 40 mins ( not a HUGE wait time) but we were so use to not waiting and we were tired/ hungry so we decided to get that next time (3 day pass)
  • Go straight to the lower level. If you've gone before you know what I'm talking about, if you haven't Let me explain. Universal studios has an upper level and a lower level, that simple. The smartest thing to do is do everything down there first. The newer and more "thrilling rides" are down there (transformers, the mummy, and Jurassic Park)  so if you wanna go  on multiple times, this time is best as more and more people start arriving.

  • Check show times/ openings. For example Water World, is a live show and only shows a few times a day. Make sure you go see it, really good. We would check times and then head over to a ride if we had about an hour of wait time. 

  • Young kids. I wouldn't consider Universal studios super kid friendly in the sense that most of their rides kids can't ride if they aren't older/tall enough, even the Despicable Me one, BUT they have this system called "child switch ". What it is are areas that an adult can wait with the younger kids while the other adult rides. They then get out and asks for a pass and then you pass that to the other adult that then goes through a special line that takes you to the front. Not bad.  They  do however have playgrounds for kids in both the upper and lower level where Baby D had a lot a lot of fun.
We were there around 8:30 ish and got done around 2, if we weren't so tired and known we were going back we could have gone and done our favorite rides again. Overall successful day, especially for being a Saturday

Here are some pics of our weekend fun. So they are all from different phones. Turns out I'm an idiot (AGAIN) with the camera and forgot my memory card. So good I'm not a photographer, I would ruin  so many things for people.

This kid LOVES his tacos like no other. 

Found some decent macarons!!! YAY

Little Tokyo

Got Mochi??????

Baby D and I waited here while uncle Sergio and Dad went on the ride. We ran over when we felt they would get out and got super lucky to capture these pictures below. I never told they about the big fall, so it was so fun to get their reaction. 

David having a Homer moment
Thing One and Thing Two

We kind of had a horrible tour guide but still it was fun to see the Studios where they are always filming!

So happy to have Sergio with us for a few days. Always fun to have family anytime!


  1. Oh my goodness, it certainly looks like you had a great time! I'm heading to the Florida Orlando Studios in about a month and I'm taking your tips with me, that's for sure. :)

    Nice to meet you!

    - Shanna

    1. Yay, it makes me so happy to hear that! Have fun, I've always wanted to go there.