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Sunday, November 2, 2014


Halloween is one of my FAVORITE holidays, but this year it seems that though I made costumes and was really excited for this year, I forgot to do everything else you typically do for Halloween. Carving pumpkins, decorating the house, and getting into the true Halloween spirit.

Luckily Nestle hosted a fun little employee and their family Halloween party so we attended that last Friday and we had some fun with that.

 Halloween seemed like it was going to have some rainy weather so we decided to do trick-or-treating at the mall. Turned out that was a very good idea for this kid. Got enough candy for both baby and us to enjoy.
Baby was so excited to be with his Dad !

Popcorn is this kid's FAVORITE snack.
He was in awe of Zoltar, he got a few fortunes

They had great activities for the kids to do. Decorating trick-or-treating bags and Hollywood stars
It was a long day and so he decided to take a break
We were in line a REALLY long time to get a family cartoon done

We decided to do trick-or-treating at the mall and I think for his age it was appropriate. We got there just in time, because they ran out of candy within a couple of hours after we got there
David wasted NO time to start eating his candy

Not the best Halloween picture with Christmas decorations in the back...... I can't believe how crazy soon they put things up 

These girls as you can see were smitten by my handsome boy.

We went over to the outdoor mall across the street to get some fresh air and continue trick-or-treating

My mom was in town so we got to enjoy Halloween with her!
Family photo!

They have a water fountain show at the Americana and the baby LOVED it, he was excited and in awe

He is such a handsome handsome pirate

We took a break for a little bit before we met up with cousins to do some more trick-or-treating, the boys had to check their emails before they ordered
Once we met up with the cousins David had a lot of fun running around with them
We went back to some of the same shops, these girls gave him a bunch of candy because they said he was their favorite. As you can see he didn't mind at all!

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  1. Same here. I dressed up well but still have my pumpkin. Shame on me :/
    The little one is very cute :)