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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

First Assignment

David was told yesterday that his first assignment after Switzerland will be in Vila Velha Espirito Santo Brazil. We are extremely excited. We couldn't be happier. We have always talked about living  in Brazil and now we get to. It's funny because months before we were engaged I had planned to go stto Brazil  to study abroad but once I got engaged I decided not to. So finally I get to go! Hopefully  I'll finally speak Portuguese without half the words being in Spanish.

I got even more excited to see that where we will be living is by the beach....Our own little paradise for five months.Can't wait. So everyone, if you wanna get away come our way, we always love having friends and family visit us.


  1. you are living my liiiiife meliii!! can i come visit? ;)

    1. in all seriousness... PLEASE DO! that would be awesome.We honestly love visitors since we live so far away...and now more than ever.