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Monday, June 3, 2013

The Final Countdown

My days are numbered, and I hate it. I leave in less than two weeks and today was the first time that I actually did some packing. My denial has now turned into panic/shock. So I finally got to work. One reason I've been so nonchalant about packing is that we have had my mom and brother visit, and just the other day my cousins Gaby, Ali, and Morgan came to visit too. They are basically my siblings (as are most of my cousins) and  our little apartment has been one busy place so how am I suppose to be productive when some of my favorite people are here? Exactly, IMPOSSIBLE, one thing I have been good at doing is having fun. Here is some of the evidence.

We walked to the Micheal Jordan statue and dressed Baby David in his Jordan jersey and shoes so that we could take a picture of him just like Jordan and of course he was asleep right when we got there. 

Cool Cats

We did lots of shopping, eating Chicago style pizza, and went to Navy Pier to see the fireworks. Too much fun, now you can see why I've been so unproductive with the move.

Contemplating with his aunt Ali whether Gino's pizza or Giordano's pizza is better

"WHAT????" I just found these two pictures in my camera and just died, look at that face!

We all went to our first Cubs game. It was super fun. We got dressed up in our Cub's attire but of course no one looked cuter than my buddy. He was so happy, and they won which just made things better. Even though I'm an L.A girl, for that day, GO CUBS!!!

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