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Thursday, August 15, 2013


Oh what fun we have had the few hours we've been able to spend together here. We are continuing to love this place especially the people. I don't think we've been embraced and welcomed like this ever, and we've been very lucky in the past. But as I've mentioned before, the people here are like no other. Today in the bread shop, (somewhere you will find me daily) we ran into an older woman that talked and talked and talked. She wished us all the best gave us parenting advice, wished a million blessings upon the baby etc. It's just how some people roll here.

I was fortunate to meet some of David's co-workers at a churrasco they hosted. As always Baby David was passed around and he loved it. He's a social baby, fortunately he is good with everyone and goes with anyone. Also for the weekend we were invited over for lunch with some members of our church and later went to do some errands. Once again no beach, but we are going this Saturday no excuse!!! We've gone, we just haven't really enjoyed it to the fullest.

Sunday was Father's day here. Baby David love's his dad. I love seeing him wanting to be with him everywhere! It's especially cute when David gets home the baby bolts to the door crawling to his arms. The other day his excitement got the best of him and as he crawled to dad he slipped on a book. He just laid there in shock, he couldn't figure out what had just happened.

Sunday we were invited over for some cake for our new friend Eban's birthday. The cake was absolutley delicious and I regret not having a second peace, and the company was wonderful. Baby David once again was happy as can be and we honestly could not be happier with such good company.David as always is working very hard, and works long hours  which leaves me and the baby alone, but meeting all these new people and knowing they are here for us has made all the difference. I just hope the soon I can enjoy more time with my hubby especially on the beach! I truly appreciate all the hard work he puts in for our little family.

 He LOVED the guava juice they gave him. Drank it all.

Already being a true Brazilian. I don't know why but he loves watching sports, more than cartoons.

Other news is that Baby David started swimming lessons. So far we have just gone to one, tomorrow we go again. He was really cranky for his first one cause this little rebel didn't want to take his nap. We will see how it goes tomorrow. I on the the other hand had fun but am SO sore, who knew it was a workout for the mama. I don't believe it actually is but I have not been to the gym or done any exercise in way too long. In the short 30 minute session of lifting the baby and squatting in the 4 ft pool really had my body burning. I got to get my money's worth no? We'll see if it's really worth it.


The after math.

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