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Friday, October 11, 2013


As I mentioned before my baby boy turned ONE on Monday. I could not sleep the night before because I was so excited. I know that sounds ridiculous but it's true. I felt like I was six again, waiting for my own birthday. Anyway as tradition, we woke up David with "las mañanitas". I wish I would have recorded that moment. He had no clue what was going on. He woke up, look up at us and laid back down, then all of a sudden a rush of excitement ran over him and he suddenly shot up, half asleep grabbing up at the side of his crib. It was the best thing ever. He was so happy, he opened up his little presents and got to see his dad leave for work. With his little face of "I just woke up" he played and played. (Real toys are not common here, we usually give him empty boxes, and bottles.) Later that day we took pictures in his birthday outfit and then headed over to the mall so he could have some of his favorite treats. Melon juice, pao de queijo, fries, and coconut water were enjoyed throughout the day.  Once David got home we continued with tradition. In my family over the last few years my mom has made "moyetes" for us and then we have our cake, so of course that is what we had for dinner.

 Throughout the day Baby David got so much love from friends and family. My brothers even called through FaceTime to sing him "happy birthday". I was so happy and giddy that whole day.I almost felt like it was my birthday. I think there is no greater joy than to see how much people love your child. Thank you ALL!  I know he will probably not remember any of this, but I do believe he feels the love everyone has for him.

Opening his toy with Dad

One of the highlights of that day for me


The cutest little outfit or the cutest little boy! That last shot is my favorite, a little birthday dance.

He ended up discovering that his grandma's piña colada smoothie was much tastier and ended up drinking most of her drink.

Too busy sending emails....would NOT look at the camera

 We are throwing him his birthday party tomorrow. I am SO excited once again! My wonderful mom as always is here helping me with EVERYTHING!!!! She is amazing and none of this would be possible without her! We have been working hard on everything. We like to make our lives a little harder so we decided to make most of the decorations. Of course you can't have a birthday party without a piñata and so that has been something we have been up to these last couple of days. It does take time and patience but it is SO easy to do. You too can make your own

What you need:

  • Cardboard
  • Tape
  • Water
  • Flour
  • Paper
  • Glue
  • Whatever you want to use to decorate it with (I used streamers)
  • Rope

Step 1: Cut out  2 of the shape you want for your piñata and tape them together with other pieces of cardboard.
Step 2: Paper mache: with warm water and flour cover your cardboard piñata with paper (newspaper is what we typically use) let it dry over night.
Step 3: Decorate your piñata! We did these fancy little things with streamers
Step 4: Add rope. Remember you will add candy to your piñata and it will be heavy. Poke 4 holes, 2 on each side of the piñata. We put it about seven inches down so that it would hold up in case it started tearing. Loop the rope through each hole like you do with shoe laces crossing the rope and making a knot in the middle. 

Step 5: Add Candy and tie a long piece of rope

(hit it hit it hit it)

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