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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Chá de Bebê

Saturday I was lucky enough to help Jessica's twin sister Jheniffer and husband Eben help with some of the decorations for her surprise baby shower. Jessica and Eben are so special to us. They have helped us SO much since we moved here and have made things for us so much easier. We know that we can count on them for anything! Seriously we have been so blessed to have them in our lives. We planned to surprise Jessica who had been super busy with school and  with her due date fast approaching, we knew that we had to do it now or never. It turned out so well. It seemed that everyone had fun and celebrate the arrival of Arthur! It is too bad we will no longer be here for when he is born but we will for sure have to come back to visit, or maybe they can come visit us to where ever we end up!

As always technology hates me, most of the pictures were taken by the iPod because of course my camera decided to not want to work... still that aside we had LOTS of fun, here are some pictures of the shower.

Here you can see the mama to be's reaction

Delicious food we had

Here I am with the beautiful Jessica

Jheniffer and I with the mama to be, had so much fun planning with her!

Let the Games begin!
No baby shower is complete without playing silly games.Where every woman's competitiveness comes out.....it's all for the PRIZE!

Measuring the belly

And we have a WINNER!

Drink from a bottle? Why not?

Dressing the baby blindfolded..... it was a bit complicated, but finally had a victor! 

Arthur is a very lucky baby to be coming to Jessica and Eben. They are such loving and giving people. They will be the BEST parents to Arthur!

DYI Project: POM POM
As I mentioned before I helped with some of the decorations. Thank's to YouTube and Pinterest I finally found something cheap and easy that looks great for parties! I hope I can explain it  clear enough...please excuse my un-manicured nails.
What you need
  • 8-10 sheets of tissue paper
  • scissors
  • sting, yarn, ribbon (anything you will use to tie and then hang with. I used ribbon)

Pile up all the sheets of paper and start to fold them up like a fan

Right in the middle tie a not around with whatever you will be using

Cut either round or a triangular shape on the edge( I folded it to make sure it was even)
Open up one side up like a fan and pull up one sheet at a time

Once you finish one side do the other
Voilá! So simple...Even I can do it!

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