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Friday, November 1, 2013


Halloween is over and it is already November. I can't even believe it. We didn't do anything yesterday, no trick-or-treating for us. BUT last week we were lucky enough to go visit our family and we did get to participate in a lot of Halloween fun! We carved pumpkins and went to Trunk-or-Treat!

When we carved the pumpkin each adult partnered up with a kid. I got to work with Emma. She was very particular with her design. "Make sure there is A LOT of blood" she said as she pointed out to her drawing. "Just like this." When I put in something that almost ruined the pumpkin she exclaimed, "that was her idea, not mine." She wanted to make sure that if it came out bad, it was all on me. I love that girl. Fortunately she was happy with the result. We had two Batman s and one Frankenstein. Emma was the only one that went the gory route. Four year old has a future in horror films.

Her sketch, the circles are the blood. Unfortunately the Sharpy wasn't very good on the pumpkin so you can't really see it, but she made sure there was enough for what she wanted.

Adriana made the whole family their costumes. They were the Avatar: The last air bender, characters. I had no idea who they were but after seeing a picture they looked like the real thing!!!! Seriously AMAZING. They shaved Clark's head, (his request) and he was SO in character and in heaven that he was JUST like Aang. The next day he did ask his mom where his hair was, guess he expected it to grow right back. No worries he just shrugged it right off.




These are my favorite shots of these little models
Even as a villain  he is handsome

unreal right??

Emmita la Bonita!

Another great thing about this trip was that we got to see Chad and Steph. They are as crafty and last-minute as us when it came to costumes so here is our costumes...I don't believe we spent more than 20 dollars between the five of us. Steph was a Gothic fairy, David was Commissioner Gordon, Baby David was Bane from Batman, and I was a man pirate, and Chad was shady, aka a guy with cuts on his face.

This mask lasted about five seconds on his face so you will see the many different things he bacame throughout the night.

A touch-up

Showing off his muscles

We had so much fun and wish we could have all been together yesterday as well. Hopefully next year we can repeat this and we will invest in better costumes. Happy Halloween everybody!!!

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