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Thursday, December 12, 2013


I can't believe it's already that time. The time where I have to start saying my goodbyes and get our bags all packed up.This weather gets me all confused. It feels like July but it's December. It doesn't feel like we are suppose to leave yet......I have a love/hate relationship with this weather,  I only love it when I'm at the beach and hate it when I look like a red sweaty tomato, which is 95% of the time. Still I know that by next week once the first chill hits me I'll be wishing I was back here. 
I honestly hate this part of the nomad life. I HATE saying goodbye, especially when you have absolutely NO clue when and if you will ever get to come back. I did not expect to love it so much here. Just the fact that it already feels like "home" make it that much harder. I am going to stop writing before I start to cry and unpack everything I've packed already.
ANYWAY the reason I wanted to even write today was to post some of the places we've visited here in Espirito Santo. I think it's beautiful and the people, well I can't say enough about them, but most of the "tourist attractions" we were able to do when Aurore, came to visit. Aurore is so awesome, she is from France and is Guillaume's (David's colleague/friend) girlfriend. My mom was here for some of it too so as always I love it when I have someone to go visit these places....besides my little buddy of course, my partner in crime!

Convento da Penha was actually the first place we visited within the first few months we were here. David's boss came all the way from Switzerland so that is where we took him. It's such a beautiful view from up there. 

The whole reason we are here is because of Garoto, Brazil's famous chocolate company. My mom was still here and so she helped me out by taking care of the baby while Aurore and I got to go into the factory for a tour. It was amazing to see such a HUGE production. We had an awesome tour guide and she told us about Domingo Martins and Pedra Azul another place to go explore in Espirito Santo.

A few days later we did just that. We had Paulo a trusted taxi driver of the guys drive us up there and we got to see this charming little German town in Brazil. Totally felt like I was back in Europe. Domingo Martins we found out is a place you go on the weekend, during the week there isn't much. We saw them setting up for the spring festival. Still we walked around and went to the "museum", I put that in quotations because I'm sure it's just a house with old stuff and pictures. 

About an hour drive up the mountain we went over to check out Pedra Azul. The drive up was so beautiful, and the little hike up there was worth seeing up Pedra Azul up close.

Cutest lizard EVER!

It was a LONG drive....thank's to Aurore, she captured this gem.

*I forgot to mention, most if not all of these pictures were taken by Aurore

Another place we were able to go visit while Aurore was here was downtown Victoria. We went to the Cathedral, Governor's house and what use to be a old convent. 

Oh gosh I ONLY have a week left in this beautiful place. I'm so sad but have been lucky to have this opportunity to live in this beautiful place. If any of you are lucky to come visit this beautiful state make sure you see all these places!

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