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Thursday, January 9, 2014


Hello again! Finally I'm back from all the holidays and what have you. I meant to keep up with this thing ever since my last post but who am I kidding was with my family enjoying the holidays, as Sweet Brown would say, "ain't nobody got time for that." My baby boy got really sick and up until this morning was he better, so here I am. So anyway, there are my excuses, but that's ok cause here is a bit of everything we've been up to since we left Brazil and arrived in my native land.

Baby D is one lucky little boy, his grandpa is a chocolatier and so that means he can eat whatever he wants (as long as I'm not there) when he goes visit's grandpa, BUT of course he has to keep to code and wear a hair net.

In Brazil we had NO Christmas decorations, when we got here everything was up except the tree my mom puts in the family room so David was excited to help grandma put up the ornaments. My mom is one smart lady and bought baby proof ornaments, so no worries of him dropping them.

The cutest gift we got this year, these root beer reindeer and a gym pass to burn the calories off

Christmas Eve is when we have the big party at our house 

These are the craziest boys in my life that I love like crazy!

We had lots of fun as usual and the best part? Well, the FOOD!...Just look at us lined up for it.

yes... I burnt the pecan pie...just the top

Christmas morning is still my favorite part. Now with the baby I look forward to it even MORE

Between holidays we were lucky enough to go up to Roy and see baby Mila get blessed. She is SO tiny and SO cute, I can't remember my baby being that small, and well he never was that small, but oh my she is precious!

The proud new parents!

It was the first time that all the great grandkids of the Porras family were together, look how much fun they had, I can't wait for them to be running around just like we did. 

Children with children!...ok, not really but at heart, totally! I still can't believe we have babies! 

This is just SOME of the family, gosh I love every single one of them!

My tio Marco was here and Baby D loved him! He knew he could get away with anything with him and enjoyed eating off of his plate, BEANS in particular. He learned to say "barba" (beard in spanish)  every time he saw him.

NEW YEAR, it's crazy that another year has gone by, we ran it in with lots of family, dancing and food. We will see what this year has in store for us.

Baby David went to ChuckE Cheese for the first time with his cousin Kamilah. We had a lot of fun watching them play. Baby D was NOT a big fan of the "rides," you can clearly see it in most of these pictures, but he did love the pizza.

Finally on Sunday we did the Rosca de Reyes and we did not get the baby, so no tamale making for us! Baby D ate my whole piece so I anxiously cut another piece and once again, NO BABY, yay.

I know it is late but for what it's worth, I hope you all had a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year. May all your resolutions, hopes and wishes come true this year, from our family to yours!

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