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Thursday, February 27, 2014

A Day in Paris

One more thing off my bucket list. It's been my dream to come to the city of love. This was a totally last minute trip. We literally bought the tickets the day before we left. Since we still don't know whether we will be going back to the Ukraine or staying here, we decided to take advantage of our close proximity to France and headed over. It was a dream come true for me! We did a ton, and you can tell with all these pictures we took. I have a part two that will be coming soon. Still working on some things. But enjoy these pics from now. There was a TON of walking and being lost, but the good thing was even while lost we found a ton more that we wanted to see. That's the beauty of Paris I guess, even though you might be in the wrong place you don't really care that much cause you find something else. I'll be back and tell you all our ups and downs, and some discoveries. We will for sure have to go back. A day was just not enough.

Notre Dame: AMAZING could not get over how cool this church was.

Our first crepes (not the last ones) of this trip.

Baby D's first carrousel ride....he did not want to come off


Excuse my doofy face, but look at this huge delicious macaron!

So......I kind of got carried away with taking pictures of the eiffel tower...here are just a few

 Luxury.......so much of it in Paris, outside a few of my favorite fashion houses

Love lock bridge was a must, and of course we had to get our lock in there

So dreamy! I wish I could be back already. I feel like there was so much more to explore. For whatever reason I did not imagine it would live up to the hype. Too many of David's friends that have been spoiled with all the traveling made it seem just like a "whatever" place....It is NOT. I fell in love with Paris.


  1. I am dying!!! I can hardly wait to see this for myself. I, too, have hear not-so-glowing comments about Paris but I'd rather not have to take other peoples word for it! I am anxious to know where you and your family are headed next. Then we can plan when to be in Paris together!

    1. YOu will fall in LOVE! idk why people don't like it.... they must have been in a bad mood! and yes lets meet in paris for a weekend haha

  2. Whoa the details on Notre Dame are absolutely amazing! I hope I can go there one day!


    1. Grace, YES! oh my it was SO beautiful, the inside is absolutely amazing

  3. I'm dying at how gorgeous Paris is!! Oh, that carousel!!! Just so perfect and pretty. I hope I can get there one day. Haha, that macaron looks delicious... I just started following your lovely blog. Would love for you to stop by mine and say hello. :)

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